The Qiagen Epitect Bisulfite kit converts DNA in one step which is followed by a clean up step. Following the bisulfite conversion, I ran a PCR using the. U can try EZ Direct Methylation kit from Zymo research. For formalin fixed tissues, u need to increase the digestion time as well as volume of Proteinase K. Both. during purification. QIAGEN’s EpiTect® Fast Bisulfite kits prevent DNA fragmentation during bisulfite conversion thanks to the unique DNA. Protect Buffer, which.

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The inappropriate conversion of methylated cytosines to thymines varied between 0. Free-circulating methylated SEPT9 gene copies in plasma as a screening biomarker for colorectal cancer were recently validated in a large observational prospective screening trial including more than 7, asymptomatic subjects [10].

Published online Apr 3. The availability of kits and tools to measure DNA methylation in these sample types is mandatory to open this research area to a wide group of researchers. Hayatsu H The bisulfite genomic sequencing used in the analysis of epigenetic states, a technique in the emerging environmental genotoxicology research.

Curr Protoc Nucleic Acid Chem. In comparison, the EpiTect Bisulfite Kit showed the lowest conversion rate of Informed consent written was obtained from all donors. Peitect as previously described [26] was used to quantify the total amount of unconverted and converted DNA simultaneously forward primer: The aim of this study is to evaluate bisulflte performance of the most widely used kits: Therefore, the utility of these kits is limited.

All nine kits studied in this series of experiments showed significantly different but comparable results and high performance when applying high epitct weight HMW DNA. This is expected since a bisulfite treatment under harsh conditions leads to a more complete conversion on the one hand but to an increased inappropriate conversion on the other hand.

Increasing the duration of busulfite K treatment up to 48 hours and supplementing bisulrite reaction with additional proteinase K during the lysis will help to increase the yield of highly integer DNA [20][34][35][36]. Another critical parameter is the stability of bisulfite solutions.


D, Zymo Research, Inc. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Hayatsu summarized the principle of the bisulfite reaction [32]. DNA was bisulfite converted using nine different commercially available kits.

The CFF assay targets a locus containing no cytosines within the sense strand. Each PCR was run in duplicate. The CFF amplicon is free of cytosines within the sense bisu,fite and therefore allows for the amplification of bisulfite-converted and genomic DNA.

EpiTect 96 Bisulfite Kit (2) from QIAGEN | SelectScience

Altogether clones comprising conversion sites were analyzed. The CFP assay was used to quantify the specific conversion of cytosine to uracil. Direct input of FFPE tissue, cell lines, fresh tissues and aspirates. Insufficient lysis will not only lead to low DNA yields but will also cause bisulfite artefacts, i. The appropriate lysis is essential with regard to performance in downstream molecular applications [33]. Conventional bisulfite conversion protocols require hours of exposure to low-molarity, low-temperature bisulfite.

Discussion Several kits bisjlfite bisulfite conversion of DNA are commercially available each showing advantages and disadvantages. Correlation between conversion efficiency and inappropriate conversion was tested using Pearson correlation. Dimo Dietrich is co-inventor and owns patents on methylation biomarkers and related technologies.

Int J Clin Exp Pathol. Two-sided p-values are reported. Epitet Acids Symp Ser Oxf. Inhibitory effect of eluate derived from different bisulfite conversion kits. Furthermore, prolonged incubation times lead to an increase of the time-to-results, therefore hampering the application of respective protocols for routine diagnostic purposes where rapid analyses are required to trigger clinical decisions.

The analytical performance of the assay was characterized by measuring mixtures of methylated and unmethylated DNA Figure 3. Two additional tests based on the methylation analysis in FFPE tissues already show a high level of validation qualifying them for clinical use. Introduction DNA methylation of cytosines within the CpG bisulgite context is an epigenetic mechanism, which plays an important role in biological processes, such as cell differentiation and development [1].

EpiTect Bisulfite Kit (48), from Qiagen – Labsave

The CFP sites do not comprise any cytosines and therefore are not altered during the bisulfite conversion. Table 1 List of the different kits for the preparation of bisulfite-converted Kih from various sources.


The kits were tested and compared for these applications. Urine, ascites, pleural effusions, plasma and serum from 5 to 23 cancer patients were pooled. Accordingly, these kits are of particular usability when samples are processed which are expected to contain only minute DNA amounts, i.

Bisulfite Conversion Bisulfite conversion and subsequent purification was performed according to the respective kit protocols. The most significant performance differences between the kits were found when applying sections from FFPE tissues directly without prior DNA extraction. The funder had no role kif study design, data collection and analysis, decision to publish, or preparation of the manuscript.

Today, direct detection of DNA methylation, without bisulfite conversion, through single-molecule, single molecule real-time SMRT sequencing [18] is possible. However, even though the performance differences between the kits regarding specific and inappropriate conversion are statistically significant, these differences seem not to be high enough to impair the downstream analysis of bisulfite DNA prepared with either kit.

Water was applied to nine different epitech conversion kits and processed like sample DNAs elitect negative control sample.

EpiTect Bisulfite Kit (48)

Accordingly, a bias toward the amplification of completely converted DNA and therefore an overestimation of the conversion efficiency is avoided. Please klt our privacy policy. However, several technological advances have now led to protocols which are much more convenient and user friendly compared to the original 16 hours protocol [19][20][21][22][23][24]. DNA methylation of PITX2 in FFPE prostatectomy specimens is a strong prognostic biomarker for bisulftie patients who are at high risk to suffer from prostate-specific antigen PSA recurrence after radical ectomy [6][7][8][9].