SQL is the industry standard language for accessing and updating database data and ESQL is a language derived from SQL Version 3, particularly suited to. Use ESQL statements and functions to read from, write to, and modify databases from your message flows. Customize processing implemented by the Compute, Database, DatabaseInput, and Filter nodes in your message flows by coding ESQL.

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So in case anything goes wrong in the execution, the default gets used. This is used by an error handler, when it cannot handle an exception, to give an error handler in higher scope the opportunity of handling the exception. So, if you have decided to throw an exception from your code, remember to throw it severely!

MOVE statement Changes the field pointed to by a target reference variable. Some of the built-in nodes enable you to customize the processing that they provide.

Top 3 hidden treasures (in ESQL)

Declare a reference pointer as shown in the following example: Eswl rows from a table in an external database based on a search condition.

This problem occurs when you use field references, rather than reference variables, to access or create consecutive fields or records. You can use reference variables instead, which maintain a pointer into the array and which can then be reused; for example:.

Anonymous November 20, Iterates through a list for example, a message array. You can easily find them all by having a look at our festive calendar or click on the festive tag.


Evaluates a condition expression, and if it is TRUE executes a sequence of statements.

Top 3 hidden treasures (in ESQL) – IBM Integration

Tuning message flow performance. Join The Discussion Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. For example, the following statement has two data and literal values, and IBM:.

Stops processing the current function or procedure and passes control back to the caller. This is particularly true with large arrays because the loop is repeated more frequently.

ESQL statements

While is certainly not the norm, it can happen, for example in case of version differences between the tooling and the runtime. Performance is affected by the SET statement being essql to create many more fields, as shown in the following example:.

Unless stated otherwise, the principals illustrated are the same for all message domains. The following topics provide more information about these and other tasks that you can perform with ESQL. Before the specified field can be created or modified, the integration node must navigate the named message tree to locate the point in the message tree that is to be altered.

Skip to content United States. Array subscripts [ ] are expensive in terms of performance because of the way in which subscript is evaluated dynamically at run time.

Most of the examples included in the topics listed previously show parser-independent ESQL. However, it is expensive in terms of CPU use, because it involves the statement being run twice.


A few other input messages are used to show ESQL that provides function on messages with a structure or content that is not included in the Invoice or Video samples.

Reduce the number of DECLARE statements and therefore esl performance cost by declaring a variable and setting its initial value within a single statement.

Some saying creating all the modules realted one application in esql file is better and some saying splitting is the bestway. Strictly speaking, not so much hidden actually as maybe hiding in plain sight. The following table summarizes the ESQL statements and what they do.

For further information, see Creating dynamic field references. Takes a character value, interprets it as an SQL statement, and executes it. LOG statement Writes a record to the event or user trace log. FOR statement Iterates through a list for example, a message array.

This technique also helps to reduce memory usage. Ssql required by the processing that must be performed on the message, you can include other nodes after the input node that complete the actions that your applications need. This set of topics discusses ESQL and the ways in which you can use it to customize these nodes.

Changes the field pointed to by a target reference variable.