We have 5 Siemens Simatic ETpro manuals available for free PDF download: Operating Instructions Manual, Original Instructions Manual, Operating. Also See for Siemens ET pro. Siemens SIMATIC ET pro Original Instructions Manual pages. Siemens Simatic ETpro Operating Instruction ET pro motor starters in the ET pro I/O system. SIMATIC ET pro . dimensioning and configuring, see the “Configuration Manual for. SIRIUS Controls.

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If products and et200pri from other manufacturers are used, these must be recommended or approved by Siemens. Proper transport, storage, installation, assembly, commissioning, operation and maintenance are required to ensure that the products operate safely and without any problems.

This manual requires general knowledge of et200peo engineering. This manual contains a description of the components which were valid at the time the manual was published.

Internet that contains this information. The online catalog and online ordering system are available on the Internet http: We recommend that you inform yourself regularly on the IT security developments regarding your products. You can find information on this on the Internet http: Table of contents Connection Table of contents Commissioning Interruption of the ET pro backplane bus Table 1- 1 Components of ET pro The following connection modules are The unit is supplied with the electronic module mounted on the bus module.

They are electronic used to connect sensors and modules actuators. With the extensive ET pro product range, you can adapt the configuration to your applications. ET pro with electronic modules The ET pro can be equipped up to the maximum configuration with electronic modules.

PLC Troubleshooting Learning System – Siemens ETPRO – Safety (ETSF) | Amatrol

Between an interface module and a terminating module you can adapt the electronic modules to your application in whatever configuration you require. Between an interface module and a terminating module you can adapt the electronic modules, motor starters and frequency converters to your applications in whatever configuration you require.

The chapter “Options for combining modules” includes an overview in the table Electronic modules in combination with connection modules Page 38 to show you which connection module can be combined with which electronic module. The first power module is already integrated in the interface module. Table 2- 9 Mechanical maximum configuration Properties Rule Number of modules max. Mounting Requirements Preassembling ET pro modules The ET pro modules can be preassembled on a narrow or wide rack version before installing the rack on site.

PLC Troubleshooting Learning System – Siemens ET200PRO – Safety (890-ET200SF)

Mounting position An ET pro can be mounted in any position. Rack with a length of mm Cut the mm rack to suit your requirements, and drill mounting holes for the M8 screws.


Always make sure you have a low-impedance connection between the rack and ground potential. If you do not install the rack on a grounded surface, always create a low-impedance connection to ground potential, for example, with the help of a copper braid.

Connect the opposite end of the grounding cable to ground potential. Note Ensure adequate equipotential bonding.

Siemens ET 200pro Operating Instructions Manual

The power module opens a new load group sourcing eh200pro the electronic modules of ET pro. The power module and the corresponding bus module are supplied in gray color in order to prevent mistakes. The pneumatic interface module may not become skewed when you move it. An increased force has to be exercised to ett200pro the module to snap into the previous module and achieve a tight seal. There are two O-rings mounted on the connection plate; these seal the space between the connection plate the electronic module.

If you replace the pneumatic interface module you must also replace the two O-rings size 5×1. The terminating module must be mounted to enable operation of the ET pro.

Push the screwdriver into the small opening of the label, and then lever it out. Use your finger to press the new label into the holder of the module. Remove the cap from the connection module. Configuring ET pro with grounded reference potential In an ET pro configuration with grounded reference potential, any interference current is discharged to protective ground.

Slide the shielding braid back towards the sheath manial approx. This may pose a problem the next time you connect a wire. You should thus always ensure not to leave any insulation residue in the insulation displacement terminal when you open it and remove the wire. Tighten the four screws evenly, working in cross-wise passes. The screws are already inserted in the connection module. Observe the mechanical coding of the cable connectors for feeding and forwarding. Note The cable shield support is described in the Hardware Installation Instructions for the M12 cable et2000pro.

The cables are available in different lengths. If you are reusing fiber-optic cable, you must shorten both fiber-optic cores by the amount of the curved lengths and reinstall the cable connectors. This will prevent any attenuation losses caused by re-bent, heavily-stressed portions of the fiber-optic cores. If you want to configure the cables yourself you will require a suitable circular connector and cable. The order numbers can be found in the Appendix Page Connector X4 Input signal DI: Connector X5 Input signal DI: Connector X6 Input signal DI: Connector X7 Input signal DI: Connector X1 Input signal DI Ground for load voltage supply 2M Output signal DQ: Connector X5 Output signal DQ: Connector X6 Output signal DQ: Connector X7 Output signal DQ: Connector X4 Output signal DQ: Connector X1 Input signal DI: Connector X1 Output signal DQ: Connector X2 Output signal DQ: Connector X3 Output signal DQ: Channels 1 and 3 are only allowed to be connected to one circular socket connector each: Connector X2 Input signal DI: Connector X1 Not assigned: Input signal U -: Connector X1 Input signal U -: Connector X2 Input signal U -: Connector X3 Input signal U -: Input signal I -: Connector X1 Input signal I -: Connector X2 Input signal I -: Connector X3 Input signal I -: Connector X4 Measuring line M -: Connector X1 Measuring line M -: Connector X2 Measuring line M -: Connector X3 Measuring line M -: Measuring line M -: The use of actuators that have been wired for ET X could result in destruction of the actuator.

  642-780 MSPVM PDF

Figure Connecting the connection module Sealing unused sockets Always close all unused circular socket connectors using M12 caps in order to achieve the degree of protection IP65, IP66 or IP Insert the connection module into the power module. Tighten both screws evenly.

SIMATIC ETPro – I/O Systems – Siemens

The cable is available in different lengths. Closing the unused socket Always cover any unused push-pull sockets with caps in order to achieve degree of protection IP65, IP66, or IP For this purpose, the GSD file must be installed in the configuration software beforehand.

Copy the bitmap file to the folder ET pro appears in the slave configuration of the hardware catalog. Arrange the electronic modules systematically, and label these accordingly.

Select two modules to group within a byte. Activate the “Compress addresses” button in the configuration table. Configure the ET pro installation and observe requirements and rules.

ET pro configuration The diagram below shows a practical example of an ET pro configuration using slots Each ET pro IO device is addressed by its device name in the configuration and user program.

Reference STEP 7 online help. The procedure outlined below only describes the commissioning of ET pro connected to a DP master.