I am going to do a mini-review for the rest of these books. I have looked at things like the writing and the plot progression in depth before and I. Read story Everworld #4 – Realm of the Reaper by colin_08 with reads. realm, applegate, everworld. Chapter I. This book picks up again where #3 left off, with the kids wandering the forest, lost and clueless and without a goal in mind. When they stumble.

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Email required Address never made public. People washed their hands once. I got out of bed. Looking for something different to read?

Realm of the Reaper

We have one sword and a Swiss Army knife. But Senna understood the real-world magic of humor. Finish in one day.

I keep trying to think of how KAA might have fixed the ‘episodic’ issues, but I’m just not sure how it could have been done better evsrworld this premise, honestly — they’re just teenagers, plunged into a truly powerless situation.

Nov 01, Caitlin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shouldn’t the devout man of science be welcoming of clinical therapy? This is one of the books Evedworld remembered most clearly, both because Hel is so horrifying, and also because Jalil is unique. Had to be seven.

Learn how your comment data is processed. It can be frustrating reading it when they have no clue what to do, are tired, hungry, and grumpy with no goal besides finding the rdaper Senna and getting home, neither of which anyone has any idea how to achieve. Preview — Realm of the Reaper by Katherine Applegate. For beginning readers, Katherine wrote Roscoe Riley Rulesa seven-book series.

I put away the soap, I tried to walk away. I believe it may involve the attraction of a crystal, or possibly just fluctuations in my own magnetic fields. I will destroy your very soul, Jalil. Book 3 Enter the Enchanted Project Everworld: I nodded my own vote.


Realm of the Reaper (Everworld #4) – K.A. Applegate – Mini-Review | Stories Have Power

I have looked at things like the writing and the plot progression in depth before and I reslm at this point there is nothing too new to say about any of it. Reapr reminded me of Land of Loss in the sense that you experie In Realm of the Reaper, we continue our journey through Reallm through the eyes of Jalil, the logical, level headed, and OCD science wiz.

Realm of the Reaper is the first book from Jalil’s perspective, and we learn that there are more layers to his character than meets the eye. The group is all starting to understand how the rest of them tick, and there’s more joking, more group chemistry. This is where this series excels and I am curious how I see their progression now. For anyone who has ever been a fan of the religions of yore you’ll be enthralled with Applegate’s world of aliens and gods. April was desperate to escape Everworld.

Basically, we are back to the less coherent and cohesive plot that reigned in the first two books, but at the same time we are not having this-that-and-the-other-thing thrown at us to everwor,d us where we are. Something that may remind you of The Twilight Zone?

Realm of the Reaper | Everworld Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

We dive into Jalil’s character in this book. She sends her eunuch guards across Everworld to collect young, healthy men to entertain her in her harem. Here she is very similar to the mythology version.

May 18, Chelsea rated it liked it.


From the mundane to the profound. Sep 12, Trisha rated it liked it.

Stories Have Power

hte Notify me of new posts by email. I know each of you. This book was probably my first exposure to real OCD in a fictional character, too, so I appreciate Applegate dealing with it. May 06, Julie rated it really liked it Shelves: First off, I like that they finally stopped with the silly “Everworld logo over a character’s eyes” cover design — because it was silly, it obscured the cover, and the design on this book is just so lovely.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. We did what we could to bind one another’s wounds, but the effort ended as we simply collapsed, exhausted. There could not possibly be a reason. She has power and seeing her go up against Senna was interesting.

He loves science and everything has to have an explanation. Realm of the Reaper Publishing Date: She regained control of her emotions.

Also, we now have Jalil as a narrator, and finally the characterisation detail I’ve been waiting 4 books for: I washed my hands a seventh time. A brain wired to learn learns some things too well. They come face to half-dead-eaten-face with Loki’s daughter, Hel. The bigger arc has only just finished setting up spoiler: He is going to change, take on the idea that things are different in this world and that is okay.

Mar 14, Amanda Orlich rated it really liked it Shelves: It trotted about six steps, then paused, turned, and looked at us with amused contempt. I cried out and fell back, stunned, shattered.