These questions are an example of what to expect in the CSWA exam. How to take this sample exam: 1. To best simulate the conditions of the real test, it is best . Part Modeling for the CSWA and CSWP Segment 1 1hr 32m 57s Creating Hole Wizard Holes 04m 43s; Example: Creating and Modifying a Part 09m 06s. CSWA Exam Preparation. Copyright with the types of questions featured on the CSWA exam. The drawing view shown is an example of which SolidWorks.

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The exam will consist of both multiple choice answers and fill in the blank answers.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) Exam: Segment 1 –

Csw would really appreciate it. Add to Wish List. Once again, the exam will ask for the mass of the part usually in grams, but this time the user will have to input the value.

But these could have been from the exempke tools exam too Extra information Must have SW installed in his computer. Otherwise create an account using the form and proceed. Record your password for future exams.

The results will be presented in graph form. Want to add to the discussion?

exe,ple To further enhance their professional career, a higher level of CAD certification is necessary. The message will be sent to from Canada or the US. Mi meta es ayudarte a prepararte lo mejor posible para tus evaluaciones. I worked as a private tutor for over a year in the United States helping teenagers and young adults with their preparation for the GRE. This will be another multiple choice question, so choose the exact answer.



I was born and raised in Venezuela. After answering all of the questions, submit your answers.

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. The alphabetical variables will have changed and the user will need to go into the equations section to edit the value of the corresponding variables.

How to obtain free SOLIDWORKS certification codes for a CSWP Exam

This may involve linear patterns or mirroring of features like below. The CSWP certification is proof of the ability of the user to design and analyze parametric parts and moveable assemblies using a variety of complex features.

Please be respectful and constructive. Private lessons CAD Software. Derogatory or demeaning remarks are not tolerated in this learning community.

Depending on rxemple level of knowledge and expected goal, my focus will shift from elucidating concepts to allow you to see csaw is happening, to lots of problems to get familiar with the material.

The alphabetic variables again will have most likely changed, but also a modification will need to be made to the part. Whether you go to an International School or to a University with English as the language of fxemple, my goal is to help kids, teenagers, and adults deal with Math effectively.


A drawing of the part will be presented with numerical dimensions, as well as, alphabetical variables. The user will need to go into the equations section and edit the value of the corresponding variables. The alphabetic variables will have changed.

Eduardo is a great teacher.

Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional (CSWP) Exam: Segment 1

Question 2 of the exam will be similar to Question 1, with a drawing and text explanation. Once the part is created, there is a mass properties button on the Evaluate ribbon. The goal is for you to show up on the exam esemple knowing everything that is coming and having the confidence that you can answer it.

La pratique est le chemin au perfectionnement. Private lessons in The United Kingdom.

After a quick search these I remember being on the test so you could look to find example values using these designs 1 and 2but for the second I think mine was a little different. Cours particuliers en France. At the end I got perfect scores in both.

In the text message upper or lowercaseenter cdwa redemption code followed by the exam code s you wish to write. Did you know that there are 20 hispanic-speaking countries in the world? Location At student’s location: