This guide is for installing on UN-rooted Android devices only. IM capture and some advanced features such as Intercept Call require a rooted phone to work. The phone being used for this tutorial is a Samsung Galaxy S3, however the guide will work for any Single SIM Android Phone running Android. FlexiSPY Quick Setup Guide · Android Call Recording · Jailbreak iOS · Download Captured Data To Your Computer · Stop IM’s From Auto.

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You can only install FlexiSPY on to one device per license purchase. Alternatively, if you want someone else to help you jailbreak or root your device and install FlexiSPY then you can use our installation service. Flexiapy contact support to discuss your concerns. For technical support you must submit a support ticket to us at our support center here. Once the app is installed, data from the target phone is secretly sent to the FlexiSPY server.

You can read more about rooting and how to do it here.

Reasons For Full Refunds To put your mind at rest, here are some reasons that this policy will provide a flexjspy for: Learn more about how to set up Call Interception. Do you offer a refund policy? You can read more about how to do that here. All recordings are uploaded to your FlexiSPY account. FlexiSPY offers you the choice of visibility. Flexipy has continued to add new features to its spy app since it first launched. The FlexiSPY Premium offers the manhal value for your money, is packed with features and is competitively priced.

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Below you can find the answers to the most popular questions customers have about FlexiSPY. You are unable to jailbreak the iOS device in order to install our software we offer a jailbreaking and installation service here.

Buying Guide Legal Info. Please speak to our presales team using live chat if you have any more questions before you purchase FlexiSPY. The process takes minutes and our live support can help you through this process. You download and install the FlexiSPY app on the phone that you want mxnual monitor, it silently works in the background recording the manuql activities and uploading them to its own server.

In addition, the website has a series of videos explaining how to use all the features of the software. To put your mind at rest, here are some reasons that this policy will provide a refund for:. We do ask that you work with us via live chat to help solve any problems first.

SMS credits Cannot be refunded Cryptocurrency payments Cryptocurrency refunds are subject to flexxispy refund conditions stated above. The following versions of Android are supported.

Learning Central topics:

We provide a tool for you to download your data for archiving which you can read about here. You wanted the advanced root only features but are unable to root the device we offer a rooting and installation service here.


FlexiSPY costs more than most spy apps, but then it also gives ,anual more features, better performance, and superior support. Their unique location Thailand allows them to work through a loophole. However, even in such cases, we are able to discuss pro rata refunds to ensure that our customers remain happy. FlexiSPY is software you install on to a phone, tablet or computer to monitor and record its activities.

Le funzioni avanzate richiedono un’ulteriore configurazione del dispositivo root prima di installare FlexiSPY sul dispositivo. Please contact support for details by submitting a support ticket here.

Do you have a chargeback policy? For any billing enquiries after we authorize the refund, please contact your bank directly.

FlexiSPY Frequently Asked Questions

This is because manaul supported versions of IM software that can be captured can be found here for Android and here for iPhone so please check compatibility before purchase or submitting a refund request. However, it is illegal to install FlexiSPY on a device owned by someone else. Rooting is included in our remote installation service.

The USD amount will be refunded in the same cryptocurrency used to make the original purchase. The following operating systems are supported:.