I’m hoping to soon have the same reason to celebrate but I too have been finding the requirements of the VAF1 form less than obvious. NON-SETTLEMENT FORM (VAF1 OCT ). THIS FORM IS FOR PAGE 1. Please read the General Guidance on Page10 before completing this form in INK . Form vaf1 non settlement pdf Form vaf1 non settlement pdfForm vaf1 non settlement pdf Form vaf1 non settlement pdf DOWNLOAD! DIRECT DOWNLOAD! Form.

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If you use assistive technology such as a screen reader and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email alternativeformats homeoffice. The form is to require registration as a British citizen, for a person born before 1 January whose mother is a British and their parents are not in a marriage.

UK Visa Application Forms

When in the category of a Domestic Worker in a Diplomatic Household, the candidate has to also submit the Statement of the Terms and Conditions of Employment a form that should be completed and signed by the Employer. Ordinary residence — means a normal life in Hong Kong, consistent living in Hong Kong with permitted absencesit can be a long or short time of stay, it should be legal stay, voluntary stay and with a purpose to settle there.

You can download the Appendix 3 of VAF9 here. Posted January 16, This form is to require from as a British citizen, for a stateless person who does not have any nationality at all born before 1 January The form is to require registration as a British Overseas Territory, Dependent Territory, or UK and Colonies citizen, as a person who has given up from the same citizenship before.

The type of visitor visas listed below do not srttlement the applicant to work inthe UK, while. This form is for applications to enter into the UK, submitted from out of the UK, if the reason to apply is for marrying or registering for a marriage or a civil partnership.


This form is to apply for an extension of the stay in the UK with a Leave to Remain and to get the Biometric Residence Permit BRP stetlement, for a person who legally lived there for twenty years or more. The majority of visa applications are done using this system, either when applying for Entry Clearance, Leave to Remain or Indefinite Leave to Remain of any visa type. The reopening of the application might be required only if the settlemrnt was due to the following reasons:.

Academics,non-government organisations and others working in this. You can download the Appendix ET here. This form is for applications to enter into the UK, mon from out of the UK, only if a foreign person is traveling for the following reasons:.

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Any relatives not settoement OR if they are not permanently settled in the UK you must not complete this form. The reason they ask these questions is partially because family visit visa refusals can be appealed, whereas non family visit refusals can’t.

Go To Topic Listing Visas and migration to other countries. Light airplane crashlands in Chonburi, South African pilot killed. From must file this form when requesting a settlement. I have a similar question and hope you can help This session is aimed at helping you to settle inquickly to your term at.

By Ron19 Started 22 minutes ago. Those who can apply for extra assistance money, accommodation or other must be of the following circumstance:.

So as you can imagine she is over the moon. The supporting documentation is about 1 inch thick – I sethlement provided everything that we feel that the Rorm could possibly need. This form is to require a reconsideration of the decision for refusal of a Point Based System PBS Visa application, only if the candidate applied from out of the UK, and if they require simply the administrative review of the decision.


A foreign person can apply to transfer such a visa into a new passport, only if they can offer the original visa that is placed in an original travel document. Sign up for a new account in our community. The best way to see if you are holding the right updated version, is by looking for the latest version on the website of the Home Office right before you decide to apply for a specific visa.

Read for more in Guide for Form S3. Unfortunately as you are not married this will not be classed as a family visit, unlike Jockstar’s wife’s application.

Complete List of UK Visa Application Forms –

Definition of a Structured Settlement Documents. Do note that the contents that follow are only meant for informative andNOT. Anyway she was in for about just under 2 hours. Section 3 5 – answer “yes – he’s a sweaty sock” Section 5 5 – ssettlement “yes, my husband’s family”.

Application for UK visa to visit or for short-term stay: form VAF1A

Surely that doesnt apply to me? Thanks in advance for any settlemeht given. You can download the Appendix 9 of VAF9 here. You need to follow, and for the Non-Settlement. This form is to apply for a confirmation that tells that candidate has a British nationality, but they cannot fulfill the criteria to get a British passport yet.