Febr. 2 Goethe ( and editions), and Schubert: “dich” by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ( – ), “Ganymed”, written ?, first. Ganymed, D First line: Wie im Morgenglanze. composer. Franz Schubert ( ). March ; first published by Diabelli in as Op 19 No 3. Schubert’s Lied Ganymed D. evokes the rapture of a young man about to embark on his first deeply loving, sensually and spiritually encompassing.

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Ganymed | Oxford Lieder

Auf den Sieg der Deutschen D. Kathleen Ferrier sings Schumann, Brahms, Schubert. Peter Anders in Berlin, Vol.

In your lap, upwards, embracing and embraced! Gruppe aus dem Tartarus D. How, in the morning brightness, You all around shine at me, Springtime, Beloved!

Pflicht und Liebe D. Der Tod Oskars D.

An die Freunde D. Songs Ganymed no.

Hyperion Records

It is outrageously patronising to assume that the composer broached this text without being every bit as aware as Wolf of all its different layers of meaning. Universal Music Classics and Jazz. Edition PetersTanymed. An Schwager Kronos D. Lachen und Weinen D. As the humanist poet, Goethe presents both identities as aspects or forms of the human condition. Sprache der Liebe D. Antigone und Oedip D. On This Island; Morike Lieder. Genre Vocal Music Classical. Das war ich D.


The Collector’s Edition [Box Set]. During his first ten years in Weimar, Goethe served as a member of the Duke’s privy council, sat on the war and highway commissions, oversaw the reopening of silver mines in nearby Ilmenau, and implemented a series of administrative reforms at the University of Jena.

Die vier Weltalter D. Lieder ; Songs ; For voice, piano ; For voices with keyboard ; Scores featuring the voice ; Scores featuring the piano ; German language. Retrieved from ” https: Auf den Tod einer Nachtigall D. Goethe’s treatment of the legend avoids references to anything specifically Greek, instead focusing on the beautiful comfort of nature and the love of — and for — the divine.

Ganymed, D – Hyperion Records – CDs, MP3 and Lossless downloads

Editor Eusebius Mandyczewski — A literary celebrity by the age of 25, Goethe was ennobled by the Duke of Saxe-Weimar, Karl August in after first taking up residence there in November following the success of his first novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther. Licht und Liebe D. Eine altschottische Ballade D.


Der Flug der Zeit D. The melodic line gambols and swoons: Cheryl Studer in Salzburg. Poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Thereafter, although voice and piano are sometimes in rapturous unison, and there are two agitated passages suggestive of desire and the chase, there is a continual reciprocal playfulness, as each takes up the other’s music; it is as if first one, then the other, is taking the initiative in kiss or embrace.

The Hyperion Schubert Edition, Vol. Son fra l’onde D.

Nach einem Gewitter D. Die verfehlte Stunde D. An die Leier D.