Absurdistan: A Novel [Gary Shteyngart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. “ Absurdistan is not just a hilarious novel, but a record of a. ABSURDISTAN. From the critically acclaimed, bestselling author of The Russian Debutante’s Handbook comes the uproarious and poignant story of one very fat. ABSURDISTAN. By Gary Shteyngart. pp. Random House. $ Why praise it first? Just quote from it — at random. Just unbutton its shirt.

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Petersburg that’s called “,” which is known as the only good year in Russian history.

Absurdistan’s closest spiritual brother, however, is John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces, with its over-sized, flatulent hero Ignatius J Reilly, whose incompetence at handling modern life is matched only by his supreme unawareness of that incompetence. And its a fun story to boot, a rollicking yarn ripe absurdistqn deadpan humor and a shrewdly bursting heart full of gold.

I instantly became a fan of this author, and would love to try his shteyngarrt book, “The Russian Debutante’s Handbook”. Jun 29, Margaret marked it as abandoned. But his efforts come to naught.

Absurd person singular

But of course, being written inand as the parantheticals may have indicated, it comes with the full on tongue-in-cheek self-awareness of post-post-modern literature god I hate myself The book starts as a pseudo-surrealist consumer comedy channeling Evelyn Waugh, who Shteyngart name drops, but more closely related to another New York Writer: However, if you’re trying to impress me with that junk, it’s a wasted gesture, since the people that get it are the same people who have already read Dostoyevsky, so they’re already read some shit written in that style.


The wild and often hilarious plot of “Absurdistan” details Misha’s star-crossed attempts to get back to his beloved New York by way of the former Soviet republic of the book’s title. There is no doubting or denying that. Overall an entertaining and well done novel with humor reminiscent of A Confederacy of Dunces, and a statement about the immigrant experience that seems deeply felt and genuine. I have visions of Stewie from Family Guy writing this book and in a moment of misguided self-impression exclaiming “Oh my god, look how witty and intellectual I am!

Feb 04, Summer rated it it was ok. So, yes, Absurdistan is well written and often funny. Misha lives in St Petersburg and is the son of the “1,th richest man in Russia”, which nevertheless gives him an almost unlimited bank account.

Sunni and Shiitewhich generates a passion incomprehensible to any but the true believers. Certainly worth a look-see, but don’t expect Vonnegut. I think perhaps their reviewers need to read better books. Reilly from A Confederacy of Dunces. It was not funny and the self-absorption of the main character, Misha, was tiresome to say the least.

Near the end of the novel, Misha has a spectacularly unpleasant encounter with a Sevo refugee and her young daughter. Could it have to do with the local American defence contractors, who the Absurdsvani prostitutes refer to as “Golly Burton”? During the thirties and forties, Stalin had killed half my family. Good political and social satire makes you look at the world a little differently, with some laughs along the way.


And, by the way, the book is essentially a musing about how sad it is that American existence is still a dream for so many as depicted by an extremely rich Russian abssurdistan only to while away the rest of his days in the South Bronx on a bench, enjoying the Oz of New York, while watching the poverty-stricken live their sad lives. If this all sounds like too much for one little novel to bear, well, it would be if Shteyngart didn’t write such hilarious, sgteyngart, and sshteyngart prose.


He is apparently a rather attractive fat man. A temporary respite from alcoholism, harlotry, heart disease and depression. This was a really odd book. Shteyngart shtwyngart one of Granta’s new Best Young American Novelists and yes, now published by Granta Books, but more than good enough to evade any question of favouritism.

He is doing laundry in an old townhouse in the South Bronx, surrounded by a huge family. He has notched the raunch up even higher in the new novel, which follows the adventures of Misha Vainberg, who is both hugely fat and hugely rich, as he tries to get back to the United States, from which he has been barred because his father killed an Oklahoman named Roger Daltrey.

Absurdistan (novel) – Wikipedia

And Gary Shteyngart’s second novel is pretty much what you’d expect from the title: Really, it boils down to the fact that this was just a boring wank-a-thon. Sadly, for me, it is very rarely when I am in the mood to read a satire that is as dedicated to its cleverness as Absurdistan.

Things do not, as you might expect, go well for the country, or for Misha.