Glomus tumor was also the name formerly (and incorrectly) used for a tumor now called a paraganglioma. A glomus tumor is a rare neoplasm arising from the. CT temporal bone and MRI internal auditory canal: 4 mm soft tissue mass along the right cochlear promontory consistent with a glomus tympanicum. Paragangliomas account for % of all neoplasms in the head and neck region, and about 80% of all paraganglioms are either carotid body tumors or glomus.

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Case 1 Case 1. Multiple lesions are slightly more common in males. A glomus jugulare tumor grows in the temporal bone of the skull, in an area called the jugular foramen.

Fukushima journal of medical science.

Glomus tumor

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yugukar The authors describe a retrospective series of 15 patients and reviewed the literature about the glomus jugulare tumors. Tumours are locally infiltrating, and may rarely metastasize 4.

Comparison of radiosurgery and conventional surgery for the treatment of glomus jugulare tumors.

Despite the short follow-up period and the limited number of patients analyzed, we can infer that radiosurgery produce a tumor growth control with low morbidity, and may be used as a good option to surgical resection in selected cases. The jugular foramen is also where the jugular vein and several important nerves exit the skull.


These images are fused to a computed tomography CT scan performed in yugulae current day of treatment.

All tumors remained stable in size on follow-up with resonance magnetic images. Radiosurgery for glomus jugulare tumors. The mean follow-up time in the present study is glomux short, particularly as it is a benign, slow-growing pathology.

glomus yugular – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

To be included in this category, tumors must present one or more glommus the following criteria: Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Although most cervical paragangliomas e. No alteration of the lesions was observed in the imaging examinations during follow-up. Change in voice Difficulty swallowing Hearing loss Paralysis of the face.

Glomus jugulare tumor

Gamma Knife Radiosurgery of the glomus jugulare tumour: This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

Difficulty swallowing dysphagia Dizziness Hearing problems or loss Hearing pulsations in the ear Hoarseness Pain Weakness or loss of movement in the face facial nerve palsy. Three patients presented neurological complication.


A review comparing radiosurgery and surgery for the treatment of GJTs, analyzed eight series describing the use of radiosurgery in these tumors.

Glomus jugulare tumor: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

One yyugular experienced 5 th cranial nerve palsy 6 months after treatment, which resolved after a few months. The degree of surgical resection and tumor malignancy may influence the time and frequency of postoperative recurrence. Complex tumors of the glomus jugulare: This characteristic facilitates the marking of the target and the reduction of radiation isodoses. Efficiency of gamma knife radiosurgery in the treatment of glomus jugulare tumors.

CT is most useful at assessing the bony margins of the tumor, which are typically irregularly eroded with a moth-eaten pattern.

Glomuus tumors do not arise from glomus cellsbut paragangliomas do. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nerve damage can lead to: Chemodectoma of the temporal bone: It should be noted that this appearance is sometimes encountered in other lesions e. InLamba G et al.