: The Winning Way: Learning from Sports for Managers ( ): Anita Bhogle, Harsha Bhogle: Books. THE WINNING WAY:LEARNINGS FROM SPORT MANAGERS: Learning from Sport for Managers: 1 Paperback – 20 May by Anita Bhogle^Harsha Bhogle. What do sporting champions do, what makes winning teams, who is a good leader, why do only some teams keep winning while others win only for a while and.

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That is the universal formula for winning that The Winning Way explores.

Goodbye to all that1 What ended Apr 24, Dipesh Mehta rated it it was amazing. May be I was expecting way more.

The Winning Way: Learnings from sport for managers

Aug 29, Vivek rated it liked it. It might still work, but it is not necessary that it will. Let me tell you, no einning what – HUL has earned money by fooling Indians, by selling products full of chemicals and it is same with Colgate, and these people endorse such bullshit organisation same as the Bollywood knuckle heads do.

The various pillars on which The Winning Way is formed are simple, almost inane, hardly an aha in there. Apr 09, Kumar rated it it was ok. But, then after chapters start bhole repetitive which is a very common problem with these kind of books.


Aug 13, Rohit Gupta rated it really liked it. The book clearly reflects the author’s capability to draw lessons from sport cricket largely and apply the same in the corporate world, not once will u will find the content to be gyaan session only, coz of the various example and experiences that he shares of the great players.

The eloquence with which Harsha speaks comes out in the written word as well.

Are Ayushman Bharat rates out of sync? Overall a satisfactory read. Dick Fosbury comes to mind immediately. Unilever soul will enjoy the sync between the book and the corporation. I enjoyed it thoroughly for my inclination towards cricket. Till such time as hope is alive, they believe they can win. This book really benefits from the background of its authors.

The second area where the book lags is that the ideas start sounding repetitive in the later chapters. Healthcare in India is unaffordable for most people.

Books by Anita Bhogle. All in all, I learned from this book, and enjoyably so. I was skeptical while picking this up, given the number of reviews it had. Jun 18, Mohammed Abid rated it really liked it. There are a few sections which felt lengthy or repetitive, but at the end, you can have a lot of take aways from the book, especially if you are reading it in Kindle – thanks to highlights.

Folks with varied sports interest might find it difficult to hold onto this book for long. Though the book is targeted towards managers, this is a delightful read for anyone who want to get behind the insights and mindsets of the biggest players in sports and corporate world.


It will make you understand why you have not been able to grow as quickly as others in hierarchy as this book makes you realize the mistakes you have been doing all along. Oct 09, Prashanth Reddy rated it liked it. But sadly, I’d much rather prefer watching Harsha Bhogle as a commentator than read his book.

review of Harsh Bhogle winning Way 2 – The Hindu BusinessLine

Harsha Bhogle tries to draw analogies between sports esp Cricket and business, how leaders solving problems in their respective sport can be used in a business scenario. The author jumps like a horse on a chessboard with his writing style.

And specially if you are a cricket fan Harsha Bhogle is most probably your favourite commentator too.

Helps if you read it and imagine in Harsha’s voice.