Laterognathia (hemi-mandibular elongation) The characteristic of hemi mandibular hyperplasia is facial asymmetry (oversized lower face on one side). Hemimandibular hyperplasia (HH) is a developmental asymmetry characterized by three-dimensional enla. Hemimandibular hyperplasia is a developmental asymmetry characterized by three-dimensional enlargement of half of the mandible.6 The hyperplastic side.

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OPG Click here to view. Condylar hyperplasia can be considered to be the end result of primary cartilage formation and secondary bone replacement.

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Eve, May 15th, 1 Hemimandibular hyperplasia HH is a rare malformation of non-neoplastic origin characterized by hyperplxsia 3-dimensional enlargement of one side of the mandible, ie, the enlargement of the hdmimandibular, the condylar neck, and the ascending and horizontal rami. The pathophysiological bases of the abnormal growth are discussed. We consider the operative results to be fairly satisfactory.

The most common form of condylar hyperplasia is unilateral condylar hyperplasia where one condyle overgrows the other condyle leading to facial asymmetry. Many treatment options exist for this type of condition. Lateral Cephalogram Click here to view. Computed tomography-1 Click here to view.

Condylar hyperplasia – Wikipedia

The chin is shifted to the normal side. The explanations are demonstrated by the illustrations of some cases. Journal of Maxillofacial Surgery. Fig 1b Patient’s preoperative dental occlusion showing a Class II division 2 malocclusion deep bitebut the dental midline is centered. Despite the wide condylectomy, the occlusion was maintained throughout 2 years of close follow-up.

It is uyperplasia that skeletal asymmetry is found even in the most pleasing and apparently symmetrical hyperllasia. The facial appearance and symmetry are quite good. In addition, in view of potential complications arising from condylectomy, none of the patients had undergone condylectomy as part of the surgical treatment. The panoramic radiograph demonstrates readaptation of the condyle in hemimzndibular fossa Fig 1g.


Indian J Oral Sci ;6: Fig 1d Patient’s dental occlusion 12 years after condylectomy obtained without pre- or postsurgical orthodontic treatment.

In such a case, orthognathic surgery would be much more extensive, usually involving the maxilla, the mandible, the chin, the lower border of the mandible, and, sometimes, the condyle as well Figs 2e to 2h. As a result, the occlusal plane tilts and is at a lower level on the affected side, whereas the teeth generally remain in occlusion. Diagnosis of asymmetry hemimndibular be done through many different methods.

The cells are large, the cytoplasm is vesicular, and there is abundant newly produced cartilage matrix between cells. Eve, May 15th, 1.

AO Surgery Reference

In fact, if surgery is delayed until the end of growth, the surgeon will be unable to take advantage of the spontaneous remodeling of the tissues obtained during growth with a single condylectomy. We present a brief review of the literature to make a differentiation between condylar hyperplasia and hemimandibular hyperplasia and to stress the importance of early condylectomy to correct this disease.

Several theories exist in literature which related to the cause of condylar hyperplasia. No subluxation, TMJ pain, or dysfunction huperplasia observed. The most commonly used radionuclide is 99m technetium 99mTCbecause it emits KeV gamma radiation, which is sufficiently penetrating to escape the body in needed quantity, is readily detected, and has a 6-hour half-life.

American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. The condyle was removed with a fissure bur and the condylar stump was smoothed with a round bur.

Hemimandibular hyperplasia–hemimandibular elongation.

Clinically, the facial appearance is distorted, with an increase in the height of the affected side. Hemimandibular hyperplasia HH is a developmental asymmetry characterized by three-dimensional enlargement of one half of the mandible. Hemimandibular hyperplasia treated by early high condylectomy: The maximum mouth opening was 37 mm.


Fig 1c The preoperative panoramic radiograph reveals a discrepancy in size and morphology between the right and left condyles, enlargement of the right condyle, and elongation of the right ascending ramus. Fig 2b The preoperative panoramic radiograph shows the great discrepancy in size and morphology between the right and left condyles, along with an enlargement of the skeletal basis of the right hemimandible in all its dimensions.

Views Read Edit View history. However, in the case of condylar hyperplasia, the pathogenesis of the excessive formation of cartilage and bone still remains unknown. Bone scanning, a tracer method based on the injection of phosphates labeled with a radionuclide, is a noninvasive technique to evaluate whether the condylar growth is still active. Fig 2a Patient’s preoperative frontal view.

Fig 1g Hyperlpasia radiograph 12 years after the condylectomy demonstrates readaptation of the right condyle hemimandiublar the fossa. All these findings are particularly noticeable in comparison with the unaffected side. The facial symmetry is good. How to cite this URL: Obwegeser HL, Luder H.

In the literature, various surgical treatments have been proposed condylectomy, condylar shave, orthognathic surgery, etcdepending on the patient’s age, the presence of active or inactive condylar growth, and the severity of facial appearance.

In Aprila year-old boy was referred to the Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital of Parma, complaining of temporomandibular joint TMJ discomfort and subluxation of the right condyle for almost 10 months.

Facial profile – right side Click here to view.