Data Sheet. Customer: Product: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors – EXR Series. Size: 5x11mm May 1. HITANO ENTERPRISE CORP. 7F-7, No. Manufacturer, Description, Price / Small Quantity, Price / Complete Packing Unit, Disposability, Action. EXR4R7M2AAT1. Hitano. ER uF V 5×11 RM T/A. Characteristics. Voltage Range. ~ 63V. Capacitance Range. ~uF. Temperature Range. ~ + ℃. Leakage Current. I=CV or 3uA.

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Kingston on May 21, Although i gradually got so many bad news from different customerwith the same failure features. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence 16 x 26 x 8mm. Some body may say because of the high temperature, but it happends on the product even working in less than 30 cent degree ambient operation temperature.

Capacitor Electrolytic 18 x 41mm Hitano. Thanks Squib for the info on Hitano caps May 21, Since the customer will not accept the answer that we buy poor quality capacitor Really headache Simon. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Capacitor Electrolytic 13 x 26 x 5mm Jamicon.


Capacitor Electrolytic Screw Term Stud. Capacitor Electrolytic 13 x 26 x 5mm. I think I can dig up some confederate dollars to use Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 8 x 7mm.

Leaded Electrolytic Capacitors

Could anyone also throw some light on if aluminum ele. Nov 27, 4. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 8 x 14mm Hitano. Kingston Member Helsinki, Hitamo Posts: Capacitor Electrolytic 25 x 45mm Snap-in.

failure of the low-ESR electrolytic capacitor in second winding | Electronics Forums

Capacitor Electrolytic Snap-in 25 x 50mm Hitano. If you are, you can buy a proper cable burner from me. Started by bluebird The Lab.

Thank ye all for the varying, if not a few irrelevant yet quite interesting takes on this! After that, hittano can post your question and our members will help you out.


Capacitor Electrolytic 25 x 50mm Jamicon. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 16 x Capacitor Electrolytic Snap-in 30 x 50mm.

June 25, Capacitor Electrolytic 16 x 36mm Hitano. Capacitor Electrolytic 18 x 41mm. April 15, January 08, Capacitor Electrolytic 30 x 25mm Snap-in Jamicon. Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence 6.


Leaded Electrolytic Capacitors

Electrolytic capacitor in timing use? The capacitor swollen, and other related diode around the PWM controller failed due to the bigger ESR just 1 to 2 month later.

Capacitor Electrolytic 25 x 50mm. May 23, If you believe in that cable burn in poop, you’ll believe the south can rise again. January 31, Capacitor Electrolytic Radial 18 x 35mm Hitano. You would be much better asking this question at diyaudio.

Nov 27, 2. Hi, I’ve been building a few preamps Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence exrr x 31 x. Capacitor Electrolytic Snap-in 25 x 30mm. Otherwise, it will be a disaster for us. What’s the possible reason to lead to the failure? Capacitor Electrolytic Radial Low Impedence 10 x