Tuesday, 19 May Globalization is not global westernization according to Amartya Sen in his article “How to judge globalism”. There is no time. Amartya Sen. “How to Judge Globalism”. Many critics see globalization as a western curse. But in fact it is not one way (west to east) nor is it necessarily a curse. In the article “How to Judge Globalism,” Amartya Sen provides a history of globalism. She talks how globalization is a two way street where in.

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First came the Renaissance, then the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, and these led to a massive increase in living standards in the West. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Indeed, al-Khwarizmi is one of globalisk non-Western contributors whose works influenced the European Renaissance and, later, the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

The question is not just whether the poor, too, gain something from globalization, but whether they get a fair share and a fair opportunity. The injustices that characterize the world are closely related to various omissions that need to be addressed, particularly in institutional arrangements. The technology was Chinese.

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This is a separate issue altogether. The central question is not whether to use the market amarta. The prosperity and development of the West is due in good part to its openess to the East. The principal challenge relates to inequality–international as well as intranational.

On the other side, the apologists of globalization point to their belief that the poor who participate in trade fo exchange are mostly getting richer. RSS feed of articles by Amartya Sen.

In order to rebel against the appalling poverty and the staggering inequalities that characterize the contemporary world–or to protest against the unfair sharing of benefits of global cooperation–it is not necessary to show that the massive inequality or distributional unfairness is also getting marginally larger. The book, Vajracchedika Prajnaparamitasutra sometimes gllbalism to as “The Diamond Sutra”is an old treatise on Buddhism; it was translated into Chinese from Sanskrit in the fifth century by Kumarajiva, a half-Indian and half-Turkish scholar who lived in a part of eastern Turkistan called Kucha but later migrated to China.


Altering Global Globaalism However, can those less-well-off groups get a better deal from globalized economic jidge social relations without dispensing with the market economy itself? Furthermore, as much as 68 percent of the American arms exports went to developing countries.

How to Judge Globalism | Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

Another–somewhat less ohw “commission” that causes intense misery as well as lasting deprivation relates to the involvement of the world powers glpbalism globalized too trade. The arrangements for social security and other public interventions can make further modifications to the outcomes of the market processes, and together they can yield varying levels of inequality and poverty.

Global policies have a role here in helping the development of national institutions for example, through defending democracy and supporting schooling and health facilitiesbut there is also a need to re-examine the adequacy of global institutional arrangements themselves.

But the attempt to base the castigation of economic globalization on this rather thin ice produces a peculiarly fragile critique. Tags America climate change economics egalitarianism environment feminism George Monbiot globalization liberation market Maureen Dowd neoliberalism Rebecca Solnit sexual assault trade.

Globalization A Brief Review. And now the great achievements of the West are spreading to the world. Globalization is the product of our global heritage.

The real solution is to ensure that the distribution of benefits is fair, that the underdogs are getting adequate returns. Certainly, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution were great achievements–and they occurred mainly in Europe and, later, in America. However, can those less-well-off groups get a better deal from globalized economic and social relations without dispensing with the market economy itself? In this view, contemporary capitalism, driven and led by greedy and grabby Western countries in Europe and North America, has established rules of trade and business relations that do not serve the interests of the poorer people in the world.

Every part of the global economy should be rightly taken into consideration before forming policies of trade. Home Magazine Blogs Tapped: Our global civilization is a world heritage–not just a collection of disparate local cultures. This word, first shortened to jya in Sanskrit, eventually became the Arabic jiba and, later, jaib, which means “a cove or a bay.


And it was translated into Chinese by a half-Turk! To see globalization as merely Western imperialism of ideas and beliefs as the rhetoric often suggests would be a serious and costly error, in the same way that any European resistance to Eastern influence would have been at the beginning of the last millennium. First Step or Last Gasp?

But is this the right battleground in the first place?

How to Judge Globalism

The agents of globalization are neither European nor exclusively Western, nor are they necessarily linked to Western dominance. Take the printing of the world’s first book. There is no time like the present, when globalization is getting a bad rap because of the financial crisis, to recall some of his arguments. An Analogy with the Family By analogy, to argue that a particularly unequal and sexist family arrangement is unfair, one does not have to show that women would have done comparatively better had there been no families at all, but only that the sharing of the benefits is seriously unequal in that particular arrangement.

The arms are used with bloody results–and with devastating effects on the economy, the polity, and the society.

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Rather, the main issue is how to make good use of the remarkable benefits of economic intercourse and technological progress in a way that pays adequate attention to the interests of the deprived and the underdog. And then there are globalized events which did not even touch the West. So the globalization of science and technology is as old as the hills, and the West should be grateful for this — as much as the East should be proud!