FUNCTION GENERATORS & WAVEFORM SYNTHESIZERS. HP. W. DESIGNED FOR. HP-IB. SYSTEMS. Instrument Drivers. A Universal source Product Support Center · Technical Support manuals, drivers, application notes, firmware, software, Repair & Calibration Services. User manual for the device HP (Hewlett-Packard) Hewlett-Packard Work Light HP A. Online user manual database.

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There is very scarce information available on web about this universal source, so it will be interesting to see what makes it ticking. Unit did power on, but was throwing self-test errors. Seller also mentions that unit could work, if errors are cleared manually.

Well, will see how serious the problem is.

I did notice these universal sources before, but their rather limited output voltage range did not interest me much. That would be possible in case of successful repair, of course. There are also option versions of A per HP Catalog fromsuch as:. Only one option can be chosen, as these options are using different hardware boards and cannot be installed together. Key specs for comparison listed below, also together with popular Keithley SMU which I also own.

Redistribution and use of this article or any images or files referenced in it, in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted manul that the following conditions are met:. All information posted here is hosted just for education purposes and provided AS IS.

In no event shall the author, xDevs. They have hundreds of greatly remastered manuals, so be sure to check their repository for other goodies. As usual, we have project tracker, dedicated for A repair so any one can track the progress. Before starting any repair, good idea to read thru repair manuals, to get idea of board functions and purpose.

Boards used in A Universal source and their designators are:. Option have two boards, manhal feature second channel. Fan, steel chassis, outer covers, some cables are exactly same, used in both A and A. List of parts and from Keysight, Excel table. Start diagnostics up power supplies, mechanical parts and protection circuitry, as that would be often point of first failure. Based on date codes, this unit was manufactured 20 years ago, in Overall internal condition I would mark as Aeverything very clean, metal chassis is shiny and one could easily say this unit is just got out from factory.

I am impressed to see so good preserved unit, after horrors of cleaning and fixing ours HP A. This low-resolution DAC was replaced before by previous owners:.


This board connects both cards, either two A1 PCB s for dual-channel option unit, or A1 with A3 amplifier board janual option unit, like ours. Two opposite DIN -type connectors are used on each card, forming some kind of interlocking connection. High voltage generated by push-pull DC-DC supply and rectified by diodes. As expected for 20 year old instrument. This hybrid utilizes a beryllia BeO substrate, thick film resistors, ceramic capacitors and semiconductor chips to maximize reliability, minimize size and give top performance.

Ultrasonically bonded aluminum wires provide reliable 2345a at all operating temperatures. The 8-pin TO-3 package is electrically isolated and hermetically sealed using one-shot resistance welding. There is couple of hermetic Vishay Precision Group metal foil resistors, used in output amplifier feedback network.

Closer look on them shows four pieces 40K and one 4K4 around OPA metal canned precision opamp. All output and interboard connections are done with 3245aa insulated coax wire, manuual is required by ability of sourcing high voltages with frequencies up to 1MHz. It is backlit with red LED so you can see it even without covers removal. Differences from A featured board:.

The only difference spotted — missing VersaLink optical isolation circuits and optics. Front panel 3245 is exactly the same as A7 from A. Having same front panel can be a good news for someone who can buy A cheap, in order to salvage front panel for A. I like to keep my tools clean, so first thing I did was removing front panel and cleaning it with IPA and soapy water.

All sticker residues are cleaned off, panel look almost like new now.

HP A Universal Source Operating & Programming Manual E-3 | eBay

Pleasant looks and feel during operation guaranteed. After reseating cable all issues were resolve and A started to operate normally.

This was easiest repair possible. In many cases an old unit might have been retrofitted with newer firmware, so later firmware revision cannot be used as proof majual the date of manufacture. To generate single binary I used simple python snipped like this.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) Hewlett-Packard Work Light HP 3245A user manual

Prior to any calibration on adjustments I decide to manuxl output ranges and see which areas are out of specifications. Test points are taken from calibration manual performance verification section.

I used 3245s repaired HP Awhich was self-calibrated using Keithley Model as a transfer standard. What can be better than ovenized selected and aged 0. Now, find a best spot for module location. We want to keep all magnetic and temperature variations away from sensitive LTZ reference. To have it isolated from airflow I added big piece of airlocked foam used in packing electronics. Copper foil soldered to ground on power coax wire 3245x located on top. Idea to have it for better temperature 325a and bit of shielding.


Piece of 4mm rubber pad is holding everything in place securely, screwed down to existing two metal stubs on chassis. Due to different reference voltage output of new reference chip, previous calibration was useless, causing source to output Calibration mode entered by execution of command CAL Now source will output reference points according to calibration manual, and these need to measured by A or similar level DMMand sent back by GPIB command.

3245A Universal source

I did not have too much effort on it to do. By using the software it takes just 15 minutes to adjust A to A calibration.

There is free space in unit and few extra chassis mounting studs, which are just asking for extra stuff to be mounted. I have idea to make low-gain divider opamp board, so I could generate lower amnual more accurately, as high-resolution ranges are only 1V and 10V. Perhaps output divided by 10 or even would be great addition to unit. Front panel still have two BNC ports, so it is possible to have clean and nice looking modification.

Contents Intro Disclaimer Initial inspection and basic disassembly Manuals references Repair workflow Boards condition check Diagnostics Firmware Tweaks Main reference upgrade Additional output amplifier for 0. As usual, all photos are clickable for high-resolution version. There yp also option versions of A per HP Catalog fromsuch as: Boards used in A Universal source and their designators are: This low-resolution DAC was replaced before by previous owners: They did not bother 32445a flux though.

Differences from A featured board: Also spotted unsoldered cap, likely slipped thru QC: A7 Display logic Front panel board is exactly the same as A7 from A. Repairs Cleaning ho panel I like to keep my tools clean, so first thing I did was removing front panel and cleaning it with IPA and soapy water. Performance verification Measurements with voltage references, foil resistors, ESI decade, frequency, hpp, currents, temperature, RTD.

HP manuals Keysight product page: If you would like to support us by making a donation please click the Paypal button: HP A Firmware, single binary.