The ink cartridge is very low and you want to replace it with a full cartridge for unattended printing. You can use the remaining ink in the first cartridge at a more . Get two printing systems—both mono and color—in one.(1 The versatile HP ( 1The HP Designjet T Printer series includes color and mono-only models. Buy HP Designjet T Monochrome Printer featuring Print D-Size Print In Seconds, Up To DPI Ethernet Connectivity. Review HP T

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Front-panel replace ink cartridges now. The paper is not flat If the paper does pritner lie flat when it comes out of the printer, but has shallow waves in it, you are likely to see defects in the printed image, such as vertical stripes. Also click the Paper Size tab, and then select Paper Type. If the colors of your print do not match your expectations, try the following remedies:.

HP Designjet T Monochrome Printer CQA#B1K B&H Photo Video

You might have asked to rotate the page to landscape orientation on a paper size that is not sufficiently wide. Platen – Print platen center platen assembly – For inch plotters.

Whenever you notice this problem, cancel the printing job immediately. Go to the front panel and press the View information key to see the paper advance calibration status.

HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series – Remove an ink cartridge

After alignment, you may wish to reprint your job in case the problem has been solved. This can happen when you use thin paper that becomes saturated with ink. Colors between different HP Designjets do not designjef. If your image contains its own margins, you might be able to print it successfully by using the Clip contents by margins option.


If you are still not satisfied, try recalibrating the paper advance. If the language setting is Automatic the defaulttry the other settings: Adapter – 3-inch spindle adaptor kit, includes two adaptors.

Make sure that your environmental conditions temperature, humidity are in the recommended range. To check on the front panel, use the View information key. Pulling out the ink cartridge drawer.

HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series – Troubleshoot print-quality issues

Troubleshooting tools To access the troubleshooting tools in the Embedded Web Server, select the Support tab. Roller – Paper drive roller assembly – For inch plotters. Lines appear stepped or jagged If lines in your image appear stepped or jagged when printed:.

Cover – Smart roll-loading system printerr – Right and left sides. The whole image is blurry or grainy Figure: Roll printing only, sheet paper not supported. The printer will not use matte black ink if it knows that the paper will not retain it. Check that the paper type you have loaded corresponds to the paper type that you selected on the front panel and in your software.

This is probably due to paper fibers, dust or loose coating material. The Designjet T Monochrome Printer from HP prints on rolls anywhere from 11 to 42″ wide and outputs prints up to ‘ long. Check that you have the most recent printer drivers for both printers.

Sensor – Drop detector – Sensor that detects ink drops from the printheads. The first two tools can also be accessed from the front panel’s Image quality maintenance menu. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. If deesignjet change the print-quality settings, you may wish to reprint your job at this point in case the problem has been solved.


The image is clipped Clipping normally indicates a discrepancy between the actual printable area on the loaded paper and the printable area as described by your software.

HP parts for CQA DesignJet T Monochrome Printer

Brace – Right-side arc prunter – Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto. If lines are too thin or missing, print the Image Diagnostics Print.

Sensor – Drive roller encoder sensor – Includes the encoder strip. Press the Cancel key and also cancel the job from your computer application.

Check that the Paper Type setting on the front panel corresponds to the paper that you have loaded. When you have finished this particular print, remember to reset the graphic language to Automatic. Select the custom print-quality options in the driver dialog, and turn on the Maximum detail option if available.

Window – Window assembly – For inch plotters. You can often identify this kind of problem before printing by previewing your print.

Remove an ink cartridge only if you are ready to insert another one. Cover – Leg cover – Slides down outside of stand legs. The Virtual Agent is currently unavailable. Javascript is disabled in this browser. Make sure that the paper type that you select on the front panel is the same as the paper type that is loaded in the printer.