FYI, If you decide to attempt any modifications to your HTX, you are doing so at your own risk. HTX Owners Manual HTX/Albrecht AE Service. Update*** I’m still doing this repair for those who may need it. Here are the specifics. I charge a flat fee of $35 which includes the new mic cord, the. Cat. No. OWNER’S MANUAL HTX TWO-METER MOBILE TRANSCEIVER Please read before using this transceiver. INTRODUCTION Your .

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Spam Blocked 9, spam blocked by Akismet. Using the mounting bracket as a template, mark the hfx-252 tions for the screw holes on the mounting surface, 2. All settings are cleared from the memory channel.

Subaudible Tone Transmit and Receive CTCSS —transmits the subaudible tones required to use some maunal, and also lets you set a subaudible tone that your transceiver must hfx-252 to open squelch.

The HTX continues auto store until all memories are used. Sensitivity 12 dB sinad. I mahual for this one which can be purchased on ebay for around 15 bucks and free shipping. Setting the Power Level. Turning the Keytone Beep On and Off. Using this Manual To make this manual as easy to use as possible, we give you several ways to find information. Each has its own benefits, Choose the one best suited to your particular needs.


If you do not want a transmit tone, select oFF. Type Conventions—make the references to keys and displays easier to find in the text: While the offset frequency appears, rotate the tuning control or repeatedly press until the desired offset appears.

LOCK To return to the standard frequency range, repeat the above pro- cedure. Press and hold PTT.

RadioShack / Realistic HTX Specifications |

Some states do not permit limitation or exclusion of implied warranties; therefore, the aforesaid limitation s or exclusion s may not apply to the purchaser. Add an optional base-station antenna, cable, and a power supply to make it your home transceiver. The conductor colors almost match up exactly to the existing cable with the exception of Green. Your local RadioShack store has a wide selection from which to choose. Connect the antenna cable to the antenna jack on the back of the HTX I just thought it would be easier for some folks.

Memory Channels Your HTX has 41 memory channels 40 standard memory channels and one calling-frequency memory channel. Better than 35 dB. Changing this setting does not change the tones stored in any memory channel. If you have a super hot iron, then just hold it there for a second while you manuak the wire a tug or use a solder sucker like one of these.


You can also store oth- er settings for each memory location, such as the repeater offset and the CTCSS tones. Your HTX is programmed with the default kHz frequency offset and direction for the 2-meter band.

Index of /k/kb1uif/downloads/Service & User Manuals/Radio Shack/HTX-252

You can see how the rubber broke in segments and caused added stress to the conductors inside. Be sure T-SQL is not on the display. Mine were yellow, yours might not be. If auto-reply is turned on, you must hold down PTT while you transmit. There are many others but these were the few that I knew which e-mails they were in so they were easy to find!

Radio Shack HTX-252 Microphone Cord Replacement

Setting the Scan Options. If htx–252 use the transceiver in a vehicle, mount it securely to avoid damage to the transceiver or vehicle, or injury to anyone in the vehicle during sudden starts or stops.

Using the Calling-Frequency Memory. Htx-225 can set the transceiver to stop transmitting and sound a beep if a single transmission exceeds the selected time none, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 10, or 15 minutes. Specifications are subject to change and improvement without notice.