Hydromax – Hydromax Windows Version User Manual? The loadcase filename will be used as the loadcase name and displayed on. Ecco Exostrike Sport Black Hydromax blackcamelmagnetmocha axawf5rpq . The GET string is the set of characters that come after a filename in the URL and . Contract with Hydromax – Cross Bore Inspection . sure to save this document with a filename that clearfy identifies your company name.

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Hydromax Windows Version Hydromax is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. The license for use is granted to the purchaser by Formation Design Systems as a single user license and does not permit the program to be used on more than one machine at one time. Copying of the program to other media is permitted for back-up purposes as long as all copies remain in the possession of the purchaser. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form or by any means, without the written permission of Formation Design Systems.

Formation Design Systems reserves the right fioename revise this publication from time to time and to make changes to the contents without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes. Small craft — stability and buoyancy assessment and categorisation.

Chapter 1 Introduction Contains a description of Hydromax functionality and its interface to Maxsurf Chapter 2 Quickstart Gives a quick walk through the analysis tools available in Hydromax.

Chapter 3 Using Hydromax Explains how hyvromax use Hydromax’ powerful floatation and hydrostatic analysis routines to best advantage. Chapter 4 Stability Criteria Gives details of the stability criteria that may be evaluated with Hydromax.

If you are unfamiliar with Microsoft Windows? This will introduce you to commonly used terms and the basic techniques for using any computer program. hydormax

Hydromax adds extra information to the Maxsurf surface model. A number of environmental setting options and modifiers add further analysis capabilities to Hydromax. Hydromax is designed in a logical manner, which makes it easy to use. The following steps are followed when performing an analysis: Criteria specification and selection?

Output Hydromax operates in the same graphical environment as Maxsurf; the model can be displayed using hull contour lines, rendering or transparent rendering. This allows visual checking of compartments and shows the orientation of the vessel during analysis. Input Model Maxsurf design files may be opened directly into Hydromax, eliminating the need for time-consuming digitising of drawings or hand typing of offsets.

This direct transfer preserves the three-dimensional accuracy of the Maxsurf model. Tanks can be defined and calibrated for capacity, centre of gravity and free surface moment.

Tanks and compartments can be flooded for the purpose of calculating the effects of damage. A number of loadcases can be created. The loadcase allows static weights and tankfillings to be specified and calculates the corresponding weights and centres of gravity as well as the total weight and centre of gravity of the vessel under the specified loading condition. Other input consists of: KN values and cross curves of stability? Tank Calibrations Although common analysis settings are used where possible, different analyses may require different settings.

The analysis settings for each analysis type are explained in detail in the analysis synopsis below. Analysis Settings The analysis settings describe the condition of the vessel to be tested. For example, a range of drafts in the case of upright hydrostatics, or a range of heel angles for a large angle stability analysis.


The following analysis settings are available: Specified conditions The analysis settings are specified prior to running the analysis. Settings that are not relevant to the selected analysis type are greyed out in the Analysis menu. Environment Options Environmental options are modifiers that may be applied to the model or its environment that will affect the results filena,e the hydrostatic analysis.

Depending on the analysis being performed, different environmental options may be applied to the Hydromax: Type of Fluid Simulation? Limiting KG and Floodable length analyses also use stability criteria. Hydromax has an extensive range of stability criteria to determine compliance with a wide range of international stability regulations.

In addition, Hydromax has a generic set of parent criteria from which virtually any stability criterion can be customized. Output Views of the hull are shown for each filenaje of the analysis, complete with immersed sectional areas and actual waterlines.

The centres of flotation, gravity and buoyancy are also displayed. Heeled and trimmed hullforms and water plane shapes may be printed. Results are stored and may be reviewed at any time, either in tabular form, or as graphs of hysromax various parameters across the full range of calculation.

All results are accumulated in the Report window, which can be saved, copied and printed. The criterion settings and intermediate calculation data may also be displayed if required. For a brief overview of the different analysis that Hydromax has available, continue reading Chapter 2 Quickstart. For each analysis type, a list of the required settings as well as the available environment hudromax is given.

Hydromax contains the following analysis types? Tank Calibrations Each analysis has different settings that may be applied? Tank and compartment definition Hydromax offers different environment options that may be applied to the analyses? Treatment of fluids in tanks: Damage Hydromax offers an extensive range of stability criteria that are gilename to equilibrium, large angle stability, limiting Fildname and Floodable length analysis.

Exception While Initializing Maxsurf Stability Advanced Via COM

Chapter 3 Using Hydromax will describe each of the analysis types, settings and environment options in more detail. Displacement and centre of buoyancy and other hydrostatic data are calculated during the analysis.

Range of drafts to be analysed? Trim Upright hydrostatic options? Compartment definition in case of damage The results are tabulated and graphs of the hydrostatic data, curves of form and sectional area at each draft are available.

For more detailed information please see: Upright Hydrostatics on page A range of heel angles are specified and Hydromax calculates the righting lever and other hydrostatic data at each of these heel angles by balancing the loadcase displacement against the hull buoyancy and, if the model is free-to-trim, the centre of gravity against the hydtomax of buoyancy such that the trimming moment is zero.


Large angle stability requirements? Range of heel angles to be analysed? Trim fixed or free? Compartment definition in case of damage? Margin line and deck edge?

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Analysis of stability criteria The key output value is GZ or righting leverthe horizontal distance between the centres of gravity and buoyancy. A graph of these values at the various heel angles forms a GZ curve. Various other information is often overlaid on the GZ curve, including upright GM, curves for wind heeling and passenger crowding levers and the angle of the first downflooding point.


These additional data depend on which if any stability criteria have been selected. The hjdromax area curve fklename each of the heel angles tested may also be displayed. If large angle stability criteria have been selected for analysis, these results will also be reported in the criteria results table and they may lead to additional curves being displayed on the GZ curve.

Downflooding angles for any key points, margin line and deck edge will also be computed and tabulated. Large Angle Stability on page Hydromax iterates to find the draft, heel and trim that satisfy equilibrium and reports the equilibrium hydrostatics and a cross sectional areas curve.

Compartment definition and damage case in case of damage Equilibrium analysis options? Analysis of equilibrium filenname Equilibrium analysis result table lists the hydrostatic properties of the model. If a wave form has been specified there will be a number of columns; each column contains the results for a different position of the vessel in the wave as given by the wave phase value.

The sectional area curve is also calculated, as is the freeboard to any defined key points, margin line and deck edge. Any equilibrium criteria will also be evaluated and their results reported.

Equilibrium Analysis on page Specified Conditions Input Dialog If fixed trim is specified, you may enter the trim or specify the forward and aft drafts these are at the perpendiculars as specified in the Frame of Reference iflename.

Tank and Compartment definition in case of damage The output for the specified condition consists of a curve of cross sectional areas and hydrostatics of the vessel in the specified condition. For more detailed information please see Specified Conditions on page They may be calculated for a number of displacements before the height of the centre of gravity is known.

KN Values Analysis Requirements? Range of displacements to be analysed? Tank and Compartment definition in case of damage Output is in the hyddromax of a table of KN values and a graph of Cross Curves of Stability. If the analysis is performed free-to-trim and an estimate of the VCG is known, this may be specified. For more hudromax information please see KN Values Analysis on page This may be done for a range of vessel displacements. The selected stability criteria are evaluated; the centre of gravity is increased until one of the criteria fails.

Limiting KG Analysis Requirements? Tank and Compartment definition in case of damage? Key points if required for criteria? Filenamme line and deck edge if required for criteria A graph of maximum permissible GZ plotted against vessel displacement is produced as well hydrmoax tabulated results indicating which stability criteria limited the VCG.

If limiting curves are required for each of the stability criteria individually, this may be done in the Batch Analysis mode. A check will be made to ensure that any selected equilibrium criteria are passed, however at least one large angle stability criterion is required. Only relevant criteria will be used, i.