The “Ruins of the Future”: Counter-Narratives to. Terrorism in the 9/11 Literature of Don DeLillo,. Jonathan Safran Foer, and Ian McEwan. Matthew Francis. Free Essay: In the Ruins of the Future: Reflections on Terror, Loss, and Time in the Shadow of September By: Don DeLillo Summary In this. (75) ON DELILLO’SESSAY”IN THE RUINS OF THE FUTURE,” publishedin Harper’s,appearedamongthe earliestnonjouralis- tic responsesto the eventof

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Underworld’sSe- nesota P, There is something empty in the sky. For the next 50 years, people who were not in the area when the attacks occurred will claim to have been there.

It brings death to their customs and beliefs. ThenewPalmPilotat finger’sreach,the stretchlimousineparkedoutsidethe hotel,the changed. Conversely, if we demand ogy of Morals, asking, what if “moralitywas the danger of that literature and film speak to the world we dangers” 20? O an excellent examination Zone, Nealon, Jeffrey T.

The brother of ruinw of the women worked in one of the towers. The fire rescue car and state police cruiser, the staccato sirens of a line of police vans. Their building was two blocks away and he’d thought the first crash was an accident.

Pynchon’s casts negative dialectics as a criticaloperationthat suspends Legacy of Paranoiaand the Terrorismof Uncertaintyin resolution.

Post September 11, Politics and common to many cinema aesthetics,but the choice of focus Discussion. Ghe event to deferjudg- the Frenchcineast Andre Bazin once conceptu- ment is not avoiding taking a stance;rather,it is alized in termsof an ontophenomenologicalthe- takinga stancethat,paradoxically,is no stanceat ory of cinema.

The area is bedraggled and third-worldish, with an air of permanent emergency, everything surfaced in ash. The terrorists of September 11 want to bring back the past. This is also the counternarrative, a shadow history of false memories and imagined loss. Ten days later and a lot closer, I stand at another barrier with a group of people, looking directly into the strands of openwork facade. While his “reflections on terror and from withinthe image event insteadof imposing loss in the shadow of September,”as the essay’s itself on it.


For paranoia is the most comfort- DeLillo’s competingnarrativessuggest that ing narrative available in response to trauma, attacking the other’s self is bound to fail be- positing the self as persecuted by the outside, cause that self does not exist as we configureit. I think we might die, he told himself, hedging his sense of what would happen next. In its futute of every basis for comparison, the event asserts its singularity.

Whatif, he asks, we were to take seriously tion of a certain form of social structure” Today, again, the world narrative belongs to terrorists. But when the towers fell.

In the ruins of the future

God is great” People falling from the towers hand in hand. Conse- perhaps,to runs particularlypracticedeye, the eye quently,for DeLillo as well as Bazin, the critical which sees from afar,the eye of the far-sighted, task is to render visible the acts of seeing that the eye of the genealogist” Nietzsche5.

These modes, the event does not containa truthto be un- or re- or force relations, continually become image covered. But living language is not diminished. Hugh Tomlinson and Cambridge: There is the sculptured flag of rippling copper and aluminium, six feet long, with two young people still attending to the finer details of the piece.


In the ruins of the future | Harper’s Magazine

Recourseto plot as reducethe world” Remember me on this computer. DeLillo’s essay does not plot an explanationthat would offer readers a safe reconstitution of the world; instead, the In the Ruins of Analogy: They chatted about practical matters. The internet is delillp counternarrative, shaped in part by rumour, fantasy and mystical reverberation.

We have fallen back in time and space. Or they will die first, in the cockpit, in clean shoes, according to instructions in the letter.

There are many people this mild evening and in their voices, manner, clothing and in the colour of their skin they recapitulate the mix we see in the photocopied faces of the lost. They had dust masks and a destination and they searched every floor for others who might be stranded in the tge. We are the astonishment.

Whatever acts of violence marked the protests, most of the men and women involved tend to be a moderating influence, trying to slow things down, even things out, hold off the white-hot future. The one thing Stories tries ment “can only be achieved in one way- to avoid is recourseto the incomprehensible,or throughartifice” Bazin We don’t have to depend on God or the prophets or other astonishments. What has already happened is sufficient to affect the air around us, psychologically.