Infinity Reference Series 61i. Reference Series The Next Generation. In an era when pride in quality craftsmanship, independent creative thinking and. Find great deals for Infinity Reference 61i Haupt-/Stereolautsprecher. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Infinity Reference 61 MKII Complete Speaker Foam Repair New-Edge-It ® Kit. This kit contains 4 x 8″ woofer foams, 2 x 4″ midrange foams, 2 tubes of MI

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SS Audio is our trademarked in-house brand of speaker foam replacement kits, speaker diaphragms, recone kits, speaker grill cloth, and more! Sensitivity is very good – 91 dB.

Can Simply Speakers help? We do not mark merchandise values below actual value or mark items as “gifts”. The high sensitivity of the Reference Series loudspeakers, with highly efficient magnetic systems, super-light cones and low insertion loss crossovers, means far less work for your amplifier. The second generation Reference Series loudspeakers represent substantial improvements in key areas such as efficiency, power handling and in both the quantity and quality of deep bass.

In most cases, no RMA is required, simply include a copy of the sales receipt with your return eeference with a brief description of the issue.

Images : Infinity Réference 61 MK II

Front baffle diffraction phenomena, which typically introduce smearing in the time domain, are reduced through the implementation of an optimized grille shape and through tapering of cabinet top and sides. I would like to order some speaker fabric but I need a size longer than 1 yard 36 x 60 inches. Increased internal volume for extended deep bass response. Shipping charges will appear for those items. Ask all questions before placing an order.


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It turned out to be ordinary contact cement that had no work time I could not have done this without your great video instructions, your easy to use kit, and your email support. For this reason we are unable to modify or change an existing order once it has been sent to us from eBay and processed.

You can connect the schemes bi-amping and bi-wiring; terminals are gold-plated. Loudspeaker provides a very high field homogeneity in the horizontal plane. Our team is eager to find you the correct size needed and arrange for an exchange. Choose account you want to login.

Since amplifier distortion increases with higher power output, reducing power demands also yields a significant reduction in distortion. The strips are separated at frequencies of Hz and 3 kHz.

It was, and the result is excellent.

Infinity Reference 61 MKII 8″ Woofer and 4″ Mid Speaker Foam Surround Repair Kit | eBay

You all made the process as painless as possible and I actually enjoyed doing it myself! Space-age APG driver technology with carbon and Kevlar fibers. Strategically placed internal damping to eliminate standing waves. Even if promoted by eBay, wait until you have committed to all desired items before payment. They referemce shipped on Nov 7 and I received them on Nov 9.


Pictures and images Infinity Réference 61 MK II – Audiofanzine

Sleeker, slimmer enclosure design. Every staff member in the technical and repair departments were extremely knowledgeable and the entire transaction went like clockwork.

These last much longer than the original foam. If your recone kit shims do not fit you can cut infinityy into strips and insert several of the strips evenly around the magnet. Below are a couple of photos of our shop in St. Redesigned grille for optimum vertical and horizontal dispersion. Rear-mounted port for undistorted bass response. No more sound only in the front, now I can enjoy the whole JBL experience! I talked to your tech guy first and he was a big help in helping to decide what referenfe get.

I now have a fully functional Toyota Avalon subwoofer!! Yes, we can cut your speaker fabric in 1 yard increments as long as you need it, up to 15 yards 45 feet. With such a load harmoniously load any amplifier that meets the manufacturer’s recommendations W.

Try to peel the refeernce edges apart. One of the major contributing factors to this giant step forward is indinity introduction of drivers which incorporate proprietary APG lightweight cone technology, allowing them to respond to musical waveforms with amazing accuracy.