Interferometria Holografica Digital – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Esta basado en el estudio sobre la Interferometria Holografica. Gesualdi, M.R.R. () Técnicas de Interferometria Holográfica Usando Cristais Fotorrefrativos da Família das Silenitas Universidade de São Paulo, Instituto. Meaning of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary with examples of use. Synonyms Técnicas de interferometria holográfica usando cristais O objetivo .

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Quantitative Analysis Data relative to the comparison between fresh and fixed specimens as well to the comparison between fresh and macerated specimens are presented on Tables 1 and 2respectively. Data relative to the comparison between fresh and fixed specimens as well to the comparison between fresh and macerated specimens are presented on Tables 1 and 2respectively.

It does not require mathematical, virtual or artificial simulation of the evaluated object, as in the finite element or photoelasticity methods.

Meaning of “interferometria” in the Portuguese dictionary

The laser was projected onto the hemi-mandible and produced a second hologram on the same film by the same process. The hypothesis was that the use of macerated bone like a model to study the stress distribution by means of holographic method could produce different results in comparison to fresh bone specimens.

Stress analysis of fresh and macerated dog mandibles. Strength of biological materials. Additionally, there is total 1: The value of the macerated skull as a model used in orthopaedic research.

INTERFEROMETRIA – Definition and synonyms of interferometria in the Portuguese dictionary

The incidence of laser light upon the developed film showed the image of the mandible with a pattern of fringes, caused by the interference produced by superimposing the two holograms. Strain and stress analysis by holography and speckle interferometry. In the present study, the macerated specimens presented a larger number of fringes, with smaller spacing between them. Dermault LR, Beerden L.


Holographic interferometry method for assessment of static load stress distribution in dog mandible

interferometriz J Osaka Dent Univ ; One method enabling direct use of the object being studied, and which has been used in several fields of dentistry, is holographic interferometry. All components were secured on an interferkmetria table buffered by compressed air Newport in order to avoid vibrations.

The influence of the periodontal ligament was clear in the present study, as it was observed a marked alteration in the direction of fringes located in the tooth and in the bone of the fresh hemi-mandibles. Calcif Tissue Int ; Braz Oral Res ; The mandibles of 6 dogs Canis familiars aged approximately 4 years and weighing 12 kg were used.

Results Qualitative Analysis The holographic images showed intedferometria The dry skull model in orthodontics. The use of macerated skull as an experimental model in holography has, however, been questioned recently.

Quantification of holographic fringe data: Brazilian Society for Dental Research; The laser beam had an output power of 30 mW and nm wavelength. Because tension moves perpendicularly to the interfetometria, it is possible to evaluate tension distribution within the body of the mandible quantitatively since the higher the number of fringes, the greater the tension transmitted and the greater the displacement produced between the original surface and the surface that is subjected to load.

A special device for fastening the hemi-mandibles was designed and assembled to standardize the characteristics of load application during the experiment in relation to intensity, point of application, direction, as well as to enable the return of the hemi-mandibles to the initial position after the maceration and formalin-fixing procedures.

This set was fastened to the device by means of a clip-together system enabling the correct repositioning during the experiment Fig. These images show that the tensions holografiica in the area of application of force are more intense and that these tensions are dissipated and absorbed as they are transmitted along the mandibular bone. Govaert L, Dermaut L. The effects of class II elastic force on a dry skull measured by holographic interferometry.


The specimens were submitted to the same initial force and their respective holograms were obtained. Introduction Several fields of Dentistry, such as Prosthodontics, Endodontics, Orthodontics, Periodontists and other, have employed various techniques to evaluate stresses distribution, including photoelasticity, mechanical models, finite element analysis and strain gauge systems Holographic evaluation of the marginal fits of complete crowns loaded at the central fossa. The following equations 16using data of Figure 3were used for quantitative measurement of displacement.

However, in the fixed and macerated specimens, the direction of the fringes underwent no marked change, but rather remained constant, with tooth and bone behaving as a single body. The findings of this investigation suggest that the use of dry specimens in research and the inference of their results for an in vivo situation must be conservative.

Figures 45 and 6 show images of specimens of fixed right hemi-mandible, fresh left hemi-mandible and macerated left hemi-mandible, respectively. When developed and suitably exposed to laser light, this hologram reconstructs a three-dimensional image of the object.

The interferometrla ramus was fixed in a metal box by screws and self-polymerizing acrylic resin was poured into the box. The importance of humidity in the in vitro study of hologrfica cranium with regard to initial bone displacement after force application. Resolution is that of the order of the laser wavelength or that of a photographic film After sedation and euthanasia of the animals, the mandibles were surgically removed and all the surrounding soft tissues skin, mucosa, ligaments, muscles and gingival tissue were removed.

A laser is needed to produce a coherent, monochromatic light beam.