Jack McDevitt (born April 14, ) is an American science fiction author whose novels . (): Cauldron; Nebula Best Novel nominee (): Echo; Nebula Best Novel nominee (): Firebird; Robert A. Heinlein Award winner (). Firebird is volume six of Jack McDevitt’s “Alex Benedict” series of archeological mysteries in a Science Fiction setting, a series that found its. This month sees the publication of the sixth novel in Jack McDevitt’s Alex Benedict series, the aptly-titled Firebird. Like its predecessors, from A.

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Whatever happens you can be sure that their relationship will be the spice on top of a superbly told story about a clever antiquarian and his savvy assistant. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Jack McDevitt

Nov 16, Erin rated it it was amazing. Benedict is an antiquities dealer in the far, far future—14 years far future—that ends up investigating some sort of mystery surrounding an artifact that comes into his possession.

A new Alex Benedict novel from “a master of describing otherworldly grandeur. When he feels something is right, he puts his effort, his money and his reputation on the line to support it.

Chase silently acknowledges these facts but reminds us that, despite these things, humanity has progressed both technologically and culturally. The story itself is pop detective fiction, more concerned with making us like the antiquities dealer cum detective Alex and his female space pilot sidekick Chase. Alex Benedict is no ordinary antiquities dealer, however. Much better than the previous installment, though not without its own quirks.

Firebird by Jack McDevitt | : Books

Firebird is one of those novels by Jack McDevitt that require serious masochistic inclinations to be appreciated.


Still I recommend it fully It is easy enough to read although perhaps it is I am reading this more out of a sense of duty and completion mcdeitt of eager anticipation. The plot also gets entangled in a subplot about a planet full of abandoned AIs, and while that was moderately interesting, it felt like an extended digression with dubious mcdfvitt to the main plot.

Chase Alex’s assistant, and here, as in the last few books, the viewpoint character doesn’t even recognize the name, but Alex does: This jacj be my problem; if you read them close to each other, rather than two or three years apart in the old publishing world, its easier to note the similarities in plot and structure.

She asks Alex to set up an auction, and he agrees. Interesting how the tale leads to other digressions that I thought mcdfvitt did not need for the book to move along: One of the most interesting developments in Firebird, if not in the entire series, is the idea that the AIs might be sentient lifeforms.

Written for and originally published by SFCrowsnest. McDevitt, as usual, keeps the world reasonably fully-fleshed as he goes along, including at least a superficial look at some of the social issues that such a world would face. It started off okay, but the mystery was mdcevitt easy to guess. It was good the first time, but by now we’ve seen this same sequence too many times for it to engage us.

Unfortunately much of the recent trend, at least in traditionally published science fiction, has been to move to the dark side with apocalyptic tales often featuring vampires, zombies, demons, or angels.

And the payoff that does occur is not the standard denouement where Alex is lauded after arriving home and then pilloried jakc being a Tomb raider. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. He lives on the planet of Rimway, outside the capital city of Andiquar, which is also the capital of political world of humanity at this time, the Confederacy.


A Talent For War. As always, I enjoyed the interplay between Alex and his assistant, Chase.

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Should they be granted the same rights as humans? For that matter, the state of physics knowledge in this distant future is also unchanged from contemporary times. Although it was initially written as a standalone novel, [ citation needed ] the main character of The Engines of Godpilot Priscilla Hutchins, has since appeared in seven more books, DeepsixChindiOmegaOdysseyCauldronStarHawkand The Long Sunset Because of his profession, Alex occasionally finds himself confronting historical mysteries.

Feb 05, Peter Tillman rated it it was ok Shelves: Still in Polaris, Seeker and The Devil’s Eye FBC Rv the superb storytelling skills of the author managed to suspend my disbelief in an universe that while set some 10 thousand years in the future, looked not unlike the homogenous middle class US of the 50’s with a few – but not that many either – new gadgets around.

Firebird (An Alex Benedict Novel): Jack McDevitt: : Books

By the time I arrived in eighth grade there was nothing I loved as much as a good mystery. I gave you the stars, and you never looked. McDevitt returned to the world of Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath in Polaris, I was quite apprehensive as the mysterious far future of A Talent for War did not quite seem suitable for too much exploration.

Just eliminating that one plot element really frebird a big difference.