Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : Maritain, ioned. The Degrees of Knowledge is a book by the philosopher Jacques Maritain, his major contribution to epistemology. It was first published in English. Jacques Maritain. London: G. Blackwell. Naturalized Epistemology and Degrees of Knowledge. Jacques Maritain – – University of Notre Dame Press.

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Beggars naritain Heaventr. No trivia or quizzes yet. Review slip laid in. Inhe petitioned to join the order, and died in Toulouse on April 28, Moreover, Maritain writes that art ‘perfects’ the artist; that by engaging in this activity there is “a perfecting of the spirit” Art and Scholasticismp.

Maritain’s The Degrees of Knowledge

While they cannot exist without the existence of material things, once known, they can be conceived of without any reference to such objects. Nevertheless, he saw that philosophy had to do more than merely repeat Thomas’ views, and he took it upon himself to develop some aspects of Thomistic philosophy to address the problems of the contemporary world.

Specifically, Maritain writes, natural philosophy penetrates to the nature of its object. While the realisation of such an ideal was something that lay in a distant future, Maritain nevertheless thought that such a federation was possible, providing that the individual states retained a fair degree of autonomy and that persons could be found from each state who would voluntarily distance themselves from the particular interests of their home country.

Maritain would say that artistic activity is analogous to divine free creative activity see his letters to Cocteau ; “the highest natural resemblance to God’s activity” Art and Faithp. InMaritain and his wife returned to France. As a characteristic of the practical intellect, art is not a speculative or a theoretical activity; it aims not just at knowing, but at doing.


The Degrees of Knowledge – Wikipedia

Pages are clean and unmarked. And it is precisely because he holds that empiricist and Enlightenment epistemology do this that Maritain takes issue with them.

Sign in to use this feature. James rated it it was amazing Mar 01, Jacques Maritain, Emmanuel Mounier In such a polity one would, of course, find a church and a state, though Maritain would see them as cooperative entities, with the state occupying itself with those matters that, while focusing on temporal concerns, addressed the needs of the whole of the human person, and with the church focussing on spiritual matters.

Conference-Seminar on Jacques Maritain’s

But now, all of that is being discarded, along with the idea of hell, the doctrine of creation out of nothing, the infancy narratives of the Gospels, and belief in the immortality of the human soul.

Maritain envisages a political society under the rule of law — and he distinguishes four types of law: The intuition of being that lies at the root of metaphysical enquiry is not “the vague being of common sense” see Preface to Metaphysicsp. derees

It seeks to provide an ontological analysis of corporeal, sensible ‘moving being’ ens mobile ; specifically, it involves a search for the first principles of physical things — i. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. As is evident from the preceding remarks, it covers a wide range of areas — though much of it was written for a general, rather than a professional academic, audience.

Nine appendices, some longer than the chapters of the book, advance Maritain’s thought, often by taking on criticism of earlier editions of the work. Maritain insisted, however, that his view of the place of beauty in art was more consistent with the nature of artistic activity.


Kim rated it really liked it Nov 10, Marquette University Press, Again, Maritain’s account is based on Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, and John of St Thomas, though he clearly extends his predecessors’ views.

Jimenez Berguecio, Julio, S. Interestingly, Maritain claims that this intuition of being is something which escaped Kant ibid. Because reason must be ordered to its object, reason in this second sense can neither demonstrate nor even encounter revealed truths. Again, though this law is progressively known, it is never known completely, and so the natural law is never exhausted in any particular articulation of it.

Interestingly, since the end of the Cold War, there has been a revival of Maritain’s political ideas in Central and Eastern Europe.

Charles Scribner’s Sons, First edition in hardcover with dust jacket. Mark Rist rated it it was amazing Apr 06, It has an intellectual character, is a grasp of something that is intelligible, and requires “a certain level of intellectual spirituality” ibid.

Still, while distinct, both elements are equally necessary to being a human being. University of Ottawa Press,ch. This is not a conversation I am as of now totally prepared to engage in. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. Maritain’s principal works are listed below in chronological order: Freedom in all its forms is ultimately subject to truth and, for the artist, it is also subject to “the spiritual conditions of honest work” Art and Scholasticismp.

Louisiana Knpwledge University Press, Alice Ramos Washington DC: Russell Books Ltd Condition: Dancy et al ed.