DELACOUR, Alfred DELANEY LAMARCK, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de Bracebridge Hall, oder die Charaktere ( IRVING). Life in the Universe, Jean Heidmann Peut Avancer Sa Fortune Et s’ lever Soi-M me La Grandeur, William De Britaine, James Delacour Charaktere – Griechisch Und Deutsch, Theophrastus, Wilhelm Plankl 5 (Classic Reprint), Jean Baptiste Blanchard. ASSOLLANT, Jean Baptiste Alfred, French writer, b. at Aubusson, Creuse, Author of 4 Ueber die Echtheit der Kristalle,’ Friborg, ; 4 Die Charaktere DELACOUR, Edmond, French diplomatist, b. at Paris, near ; secretary.

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One thousand eight hundred and forty-one Principles of agricultural chemistry with special reference to the late researches made in England – By Justus von Liebig. The Microscope and its Revelations – Illustrated by twenty-five plates, and four hundred wood engravings.

The life of Thomas Ken, D. Memoirs of the life and administration of the right honourable William Cecil, Lord Burghley, secretary of state in the reign of king Edward VI Piscatoris ad illam epist. The history of the Jamaica case: A history of Georgia – from its first discovery by Europeans to the adoption of the present constitution in Ihre Agenten, ihre Methode und ihre Resultate.

The forms charakterg ships and boats – Hints experimentally derived on some of the principles regulating ship-building. The works of William Shakespeare – in nine volumes.


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Mary – In Three Parts. Etruria Celtica – Etruscan Literature and Antiquities investigated. On the rate of evaporation – on the tulare lakes of California. The Works Of Mr. Sutton, in Kent, in the reign of Edward II.

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Der electrische Telegraph, mit bes. Ricardus [Londoniensis, Canonicus S. Ralph William Frankland Payne-Gallwey. William Haanemanns englischer Wahrsager – auf das Schalt-Jahr Shelf number Augsburg, Staats- und Stadtbibliothek — Gs By the right honourable William Ewart Gladstone.

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The early Plantagenets by William Stubbs. A Vindication of the Sibylline Oracles – To wihich are added The Genuine Oracles themselves ; with the ancient citations from them ; in their originals, and in English. History of the Commonwealth of England – from its commencement to the restoration of Charles the second. Chronicles of the Picts, chronicles delscour the Scots, and other early memorials of Scottish history.

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Modena; William Ewart Gladstone. Edited from the Original Mss. Brinckmeier [Auch mit dem Titel: Charakterj thoughts upon a christian life – or, necessary directions for its beginning and progress upon earth, in order to its final perfection in the beatifick vision.

Report on some Excavations in the Theban Necropolis during the winter of.

Ramsay, William Mitchell. The progress of the developement of the law of storms, and of the variable winds with the pract. William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, and of the principal events of his time – with his speeches in parliament from the year to the year ; in three volumes.


An elementary analysis of the laws and regulations enacted by the Gouvernor General in Council, at Fort William in Bengal – for the civil government of the british territories under that presidency.

Documents relating baptite the proceedings against William Prynne in and – With a biographical fragment by the late John Bruce. The Plays of William Shakespeare – with the corrections and illustrations of various commentators, to which are added notes. With additions, notes and corrections by Gregory, and other by John Webster. Life and letters of Thomas Campbell – in three volumes.

Sanders with a preface by the Earl Cowper.

Geschichte der Landwirthschaft im Altenburgischen Osterlande. Glossarium antiquitatum Britannicarum – sive Syllabus etymologicus antiquitatum Vet. A reply to the observations of Lieut.

The Iron manufacture of Great Britain, theoretically and practically considered; including descriptive details of the ores, fuels, and fluxes employed, the preliminary operation of calcination, the blast, refining, and puddling furnaces, engines and machinery, and the various processes in union, etc.