Jim Arvanitis Resurrects Pankration The First Mixed Martial Art. judo. ancient greek pankration. ancient pankration. bo. grappling technique. Jim Arvanitis is world-renowned as Greek Pankration’s “Renaissance Man” and the Founder of Neo-Pankration, a cohesive blend of the remnants of the ancient. Jim Arvanitis stands out in the martial arts community as a trailblazer and an innovator, one who has dedicated his life to advancing the arts. World renowned as.

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Jim sparred all kinds of opponents, from boxers, kickboxers, and karate black belts to wrestlers. Due to my arvanifis small frame as a teenager, I felt that incorporating weight training into my workout routine would aid in making me stronger.

He felt the similarities in thinking would make for an interesting discussion. Get to Know Us. Many tend to compare my concepts with his, but the fact is that our backgrounds are entirely different. There were no prearranged forms, bowingor belt ranks but an emphasis on conditioning and applying one’s tools against a live opponent in hard contact sparring. Arvanitis countered by doing a one-armed, two-finger push-up.

Ayoob, arvanitie had written numerous articles on high-profile martial artists, was particularly taken by his boldness in going up against the traditional way of thinking at the time. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Lalanne did one with his arms fully extended in front of his head, on his fingertips.

Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. The Diaz brothers are good examples of MMA fighters who just keep going and going. In addition to his contributions to the martial arts world, he is also a former boxing and wrestling champion, and a multiple world record holder for thumb pushups. Arvanitis’ athleticism is reflected in his strength and endurance.


Jim Arvanitis

Writing books arvanitia his new passion, he said. Learn more at Author Central. Its training methodology, diet, and techniques were appropriate for a different time. Arvanitis insisted from the start that his personal development was not an exact replication of the original pankration. The Modern Greek Karate Jul 01, It emphasized newaza techniques submissions as well as throws.

Arvanitis pursued a teaching career in mathematics but had wanted to promote his art on a full-time basis. Arvanitis’s system was geared to reality-based street fighting but was very similar to today’s MMA in that it included standup and ground tactics, along with an amalgam of strikes, joint locks, takedowns, throws, and anything else that he felt was effective.

His performance was so dynamic that he was featured on the arvaitis of the very next issue. All Formats Paperback Sort by: Owing to his Greek heritage, his effort to reinstate pankration was only partially due to ethnic pride but more to his sincere desire to forge a new path in the martial arts by combining things that worked and discarding those which did not.

He assimilated the best techniques from both Western and Eastern methods that he had studied including boxing, wrestling, muay-Thai, and hardcore arvanitie. The community became more accepting of the idea of pankration being a precursor to the Eastern martial arts styles that are popular today, he said. Arvanitis has been a fixture in the arvamitis over the past four decades having appeared in hundreds of articles and on multiple covers.

He arvanitus wrestling at age eight, and switched to boxing a few years later, studying with the noted Soucy brothers at their gym in Lowell, MA. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some outweighed him by more than sixty pounds.

Martial arts legend shares no-holds-barred stories | East County | Your Observer

On the other side of the coin, fighting is never an exact science … sometimes all it takes is a fluke punch or a flash injury to end iim contest. By he had assimilated his techniques and training into a cohesive system and began researching the roots of martial arts, especially of his own ethnicity.


While at Arvaanitis school, Arvanitis saw pictures of ancient Olympic games lining the walls, including some depicting pankration. Opposed to the more conventional stylized methods, Arvanitis’ focus was directed more toward totality in combat.

Jim Arvanitis has received numerous international Hall of Fame induction awards arvaniis his accomplishments including Historical Figure, Grandmaster of the Year, and Living Legend.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. Jim also regularly competes in numerous endurance events including marathons, duathlons, and triathons. In he discovered the martial arts but was unimpressed with the training methodology of the more traditional Asian styles. American male mixed martial artists American people of Greek descent Living people.

Other accomplishments include two-finger pushups on one arm, doing thumb pushups with his arms extended arcanitis front of his head, holding a static pushup position on his thumbs for several minutes, and doing his thumb pushups with his feet elevated on a chair.

Jim Arvanitis – Wikipedia

Arvanitis was featured on the cover of the Nov. Too much hard sparring so close to a scheduled bout should be avoided. Arvanitis opened the first pankration palaistra school in and has also conducted seminars in many parts of the world. Opposing the theory that martial arts originated in Asia, Arvanitis began an odyssey to discover the combat roots of his ancestors before he was even twenty years arganitis.

Despite his media persona, Arvanitis values his privacy at home. With his understanding of body mechanics he was able to generate a large amount of force in his blows.