Johfra Bosschart was a Dutch painter who described his own works as “ Surrealism based on studies of psychology, religion, the Bible, astrology, antiquity. Explore Jan-Peter Semmel’s board “Art by Johfra Bosschart” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Alchemy, Dark art and Fantasy art. Mar 15, Johannes Franciscus Gijsbertus van den Berg (15 December in Rotterdam – 6 November in Fleurac) or just Johfra Bosschart was a .

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Kirlian believed that images created by Kirlian Photography might depict a conjectural energy field or aura, that surrounds all living things. Jerry Uelsmann uses the technique of combination printing to create his dreamlike scenes.

Cerberus and Orpheus Days before he died, his own autobiography was published under the name of: Unicorn on the Beach The gnostic concept learned in that brotherhood impacted the symbolistic of his esoteric paintings. The fairy of the great mystery Take a close look at insects and remember how inconceivably wild and manifold life shapes on this planet.

Neo-PlatonismHermeticismand the Jewish Cabbala.

You and the Universe. This information is confidential. Books Samael Aun Weor On-line orders: Books – Other Writers. And at the same time Walter Kamp also commissioned seven paintings from him that have come to be known as known as The Maldoror Series.


Johfra Bosschart – Wikipedia

Kabbalah and Man’s creation. Johfra Bosschart in Vezere France, June Who knows more about me than myself? There, he and his wife Diana have been workingfor the order of the clergyman leaders.

But I still did not find a great deal about Johfra until I discovered that there is a book of his artwork. Pages 2 and 3 from your astrology mohfra in your fine art, personalized astrology book: I especially want to introduce you to his Zodiac Seriesthat he painted at his French studio during the years The official art-institutes and museums didn’t take him seriously but his exhibitions have shown that many people were requiting his works: His most emblematic project is his cenotaph designed for Isaac Newton.

Back then I presented a selection of his black and white work…. On both bosschagt of Johfra’s photograph johfrra are thumbnails of his 12, full-page astrological paintings that come with You and the Universea personalized, fine art book on astrology, mythology and astronomy through which is woven kohfra recipient’s entire astrological reading.

I also came upon the precious site symbolreader that provides an in-depth interpretation of the rich symbolism depicted in each painting: Such as this blog if you look at it from a broader point of view.

Incorporating images, ideas and symbols from the Tarot, the Kabbalah, alchemy, gnosticism, Hermeticism of Hermes and Rosicrucianism, the paintings can be experienced as meditations and doorways to spiritual growth.

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The many different symbols related to a certain sign, gathered together into a harmonious composition, would give each painting more depth; they would offer the observer more possibilities for his own free associations. Finally, the story of the greatest science fiction epic never made has finally been told. Frequent questions Kabbalah of Prediction Image Gallery.

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Johfra Bosschart Zodiac Prints

He was the founder of the now defunct Meta-Realist group. He sometimes added his mother’s bosschaft name, bossschart to his paintings as well. Strangely though, I did not give much thought about the artist himself. These are the insights of one night in september Spring Summer Fall Winter pg. But finally I can present them to you in their chronological order of completion.

I remember coming across Johfra’s artwork in an Astrology magazine years ago. The founder of the now defunct “Meta-Realist” group, he described his own works as “Surrealism based on studies of psychology, religion, the Bible, astrology, antiquity, magic, witchcraft, mythology and occultism.