Synchronicity has ratings and reviews. J.G. Keely said: The central theory of ‘synchronicity’ relies on an unfortunate combination of flawed re. Jung was intrigued from early in his career with coincidences, especially those surprising juxtapositions that scientific rationality could not adequately expla. SYNCHRONICITY, An Acausal Connecting Principle – Jung – Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free.

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While reading na, he misread 40, as 4, The answer to this is that acausal events may be expected most readily where, on closer reflection, a causal connection appears to be inconceivable. The Dream of Science.

The results vary according to the specific gift of the individual subject. The results are shown in Table I, where it will be observed that the aspects are arranged by frequency of their occurrence in the married aan unmarried pairs. It doesn’t make for light reading but a must read for those who like myself intuitively know to be there a direct open line of communication between the world of the psyche and the quantum reality that in ways completely invisible and entirely counter-intuitive to Newtonian physics supports our everyday, observable macro-cosmic reality.

The above- mentioned book by G. We must give up at the outset all explanations in terms of energy, acauxal amounts to saying that events of this kind cannot be considered from the point of view of causality, for causality presupposes the existence of space and time in so far as all observations are ultimately based upon bodies in motion.

Their existence- or at least their possibility- follows logically from the premise of statistical truth. We are therefore faced with the task of sifting chance events and separating the acausal ones from those that can be causally explained. Here I would like to express my particular thanks to Dr. In that case we should have to suppose, if we don’t want to let causality go, either that Swedenborg’s unconscious staged the Stockholm fire, or conversely that the objective event activated in some quite inconceivable manner the corresponding images in Swedenborg’s brain.


But on psychological grounds I have discarded the idea that we are dealing with mere chance numbers. There is always something new to learn.

I turned round and saw a flying insect knocking against the window-pane from outside. Get to Know Us. But this does not alter the fact that the psychologist is continually coming up against cases where the emergence of 39 In Homer the souls of the dead “twitter.

Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle

They would then have, in common with the latter, the quality of being pre-existent to consciousness, and hence, on occasion, of conditioning it rather than being conditioned by it. This would result in a chaotic collection of curiosities, rather like those old natural history cabinets where one finds, cheek by jowl with fossils and anatomical monsters in bottles, the horn of a unicorn, a mandragora manikin, and a dried mermaid.

Jung’s concept of synchronicity i. Just as I sunchronicity finished this sentence, I walked over to the sea-wall and there lay a dead fish, about a foot long, apparently uninjured.

Synchronicity (book) – Wikipedia

These, as representatives of Yin and Yang, are found both in the unconscious and in nature in the characteristic form of opposites as the “mother” and “father” of everything that happens, and they therefore form the tertium comparationis between the inner world and the physical outer world.

The second column not only differs from the first in its aspects, but shows a marked sinking of the frequency values. The man-shaped universe does not appeal to me. The material to be examined, namely a quantity of marriage horoscopes, was obtained from friendly donors in Zurich, London, Rome, and Vienna.

But if one assumes that they really are what they 58 See also infra, par. He believed in our ability to grow and change.

Perhaps these are instances of awareness but I often wonder at their significance. Jung first met Sigmund Freud in when he became his foremost associate and disciple.

As a reader I often experience what seem priniple meaningful coincidences like a new vocabulary word suddenly occurring in each new text I read. The first cause is a philosophical mythologem which connecring only credible when it appears in the form of the old paradox Tv to nav, as unity and multiplicity at once.

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. The most surprising event happened shortly after New Year’s Day and covering a teacher’s grade seven class: But the coincidence with the third lunar conjunction is so remarkable that it looks like a deliberate arrangement in favor of astrology. But the Philosophy and Historical Background to the notions of Synchronistic Events I found to be most interesting, knowing also that our own Emotional State can have a larger influence on our Awareness then previously thought is another rather liberating point as well.


In the Western method, which was known since the thirteenth century as the Ars Geomantica or the Art of Punctation 63 and enjoyed a widespread vogue, there are no real commentaries, since its use was only mantic and never philosophical like that of the I Ching. Although I was personally acquainted with the people concerned and know very well that they facts here reported are true I do not imagine for a moment that this will induce anybody who is determined to regard such things as pure “chance” to change his mind.

In view of the leveling influence which the statistical method has on connecitng quantitative determination of synchronicity, we must ask how it was that Rhine succeeded in obtaining positive results. Synchfonicity with a wealth of historical and contemporary material, this essay describes an astrological experiment Jung conducted to test his theory.

Yet in my statistical investigation it happened that precisely the three conjunctions stressed by astrological tradition came together in the most improbable way.

But for some obscure reason he does look behind them for something more than mere probability warrants— for a law of seriality which he would acauusal to introduce as a principle coexistent with causality and finality. Nor does tradition help us much in choosing between magical causality and transcendental meaning, because on the one hand the primitive mentality has always explained synchronicity as magical causality right down to our own day, and on the other hand philosophy assumed a secret correspondence or meaningful connection between natural events until well into the eighteenth century.