The Shadow of the Sun has ratings and reviews. Dolors said: Ryszard Kapuscinski sits under the branchy shade of a solitary acacia and stares at. The Shadow of the Sun [Ryszard Kapuscinski] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In , Ryszard Kapuscinski arrived in Africa to witness. In , Ryszard Kapuscinski arrived in Africa to witness the beginning of the end of colonial rule as the first African correspondent of Poland’s state.

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I am pleased to note that he dropped the act soon afterward to delve into the swirling mass of stories he painstakingly picked from his decades of experience on the continent. My world is getting larger, vaster and richer.

The chapter on Rwanda is worth the purchase of the book alone: We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. Un viaggio lungo, tortuoso, avventuroso, eppure affascinante, che accompagna fino agli anni novanta e apre una strada alla comprensione di una situazione che continua tristemente a evolvere e il cui capolinea si allontana.

The canister did not cut into the snake and they had to wrestle it to death. The stories — of Liberia, in particular, but also elsewhere — are stunning, describing the havoc these contemptible, ill-educated, pathetic “leaders” cause, with horrific and lasting consequences. zhadow

He crushes a cobra to save his life, moves with nomads through Somalia, and waits to die from thirst beneath a truck in the Sahara. Kapuscinski bears his historical baggae lightly through the African landscape, but his inability to tell the story in the dispassionate tones of an outsider is what gives this visionary book such power.


From the hopeful years of independence through the bloody disintegration of places like Nigeria, Rwanda and Angola, Kapuscinski recounts great social and political eun through the prism of kapusclnski ordinary African. May 14, Dolors rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: It gets hotter and hotter.

The Shadow of the Sun – Ryszard Kapuscinski

That he was walking north to south. Their life is endless toil, a torment they endure with astonishing patience and good humor. The Shadow of the Sun – UK. View all 11 comments. By using our website you agree to our use of cookies. He stares back at me, his eyes full of golden sun and unwavering sadness.

There are a number of points Ryle makes, some of which are unfair eg calling Kapuscinski out on generalisation – I found the author goes out of his way to explain when he generalises at the start of the book, and from then on is careful to talk about specific tribes or countriessome are bizarre his calling out of Kapuscinski over a statement about a bookshop – I reread that section to try to understand Kapuscinski’s timeline – to me it could sjadow anywhere from to just before publication yheand therefore Ryle’s argument that it isn’t true at the time of his review is sjadowand some seem to be correct in that there are errors in Kapuscinski’s text there are a couple of mentions about women not being able to touch cattle.

Then you have Kapuscinski. He’s not a removed journalist.

Review: The Shadow of the Sun by Ryszard Kapuscinski | Books | The Guardian

Apr 06, Rowena rated it it was amazing Shelves: And it’s even more impressive when you realize he’s covering Africa for the presumably kapuwcinski Polish communist press. He is not being naive or sentimental: He writes fondly of the odd quirks and traditions and emphasizes the importance of cultures listening and learning and therefore beginning to understand each other even if not agreeing.


The pieces in this book are beautifully written, undoubtedly due in part of the translator. Dec 22, Susan rated it it was amazing.

The Shadow of the Sun

There is some sun, even with the shadow. The newcomer has a wide-angle lens, which gives him a distant diminished view, although with a long horizon line, while the local always syadow a telescopic lens that magnifies the slightest detail.

Time appears as a result of our actions, and vanishes when we neglect or ignore it. This book came as a revelation to me! During that time he witnessed 27 revolutions kaphscinski coups. In this respect he is the kapudcinski of a received cultural prejudice that assumes fiction to be the loftiest perch of literary distinction in prose.

One learns a great deal about the history of Africa—and why in a sense there was no history until the Europeans started to divide Africa up into colonies and zones of interest.

The Shadow of the Sun : My African Life

The Shadow of the Sun looks back over forty years of reporting from Africa. Ryszard Kapuscinski reported on African events for a Polish newspaper for over 40 years.

Not much about the more “civilized” parts of Northern Africa.