transformer, test leads, and input jacks — must be purchased from Keithley Instruments. Standard fuses with For analog filter (Models A/A only) . leaving the factory the A and A meet these specifications. the Series A Reference Manual for additional power derating. Keithley A Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Keithley A User Manual.

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General operation Figure 3: The pulse level is present smua. Total test equipment measurement uncertainty should meet or be less than the listed values at each test point. Set this attribute to zero to bypass waiting for events at the arm event detector the SMU continues uninterrupted through the remote trigger model.

HI and Keithlsy connections using triaxial female panel mount connectors. Using the specified output signal and reading limits. Action overruns An action overrun occurs when a trigger object receives a trigger event and is not ready to act on it. Rotate the navigation wheel clockwise or counter-clockwise to highlight an option.

Manal interlock circuit must be positively activated in order for the high voltage output to be enabled. Iv sweeps using the keithley and labview start up 1.

Lua occasionally runs a garbage collector to collect all objects that are no longer accessible from Lua. When set, the SMU waits for the event at the source event detector portion of the trigger model.

  ASME B36.19M PDF

TSP command reference Details The reset command in its simplest form resets the entire TSP-enabled system, including the controlling node and all subordinate nodes. TSP command reference Details This read-only attribute is set to true when the LAN trigger is connected manaul ready to send trigger events following a successful lan. To run a factory script, use script.

To open and display a script file, double-click the file name in the project navigator. General operation The figure below illustrates the connection scheme of two Model B channels connected in parallel.

Under Construction:

Internally, the V-Source is selected and set to 0 V. Includes advanced operation topics and maintenance information. TSP command reference Also see Filters on page reset on page setup. Be sure to append the appropriate terminator to the message before sending it.

General operation Maximum source values and readings The full-scale output for each voltage and current source range is percent of the selected ksithley, but the full-scale measurement is percent of the range.

General operation Output-off states Carefully consider and configure the appropriate output-off state, source, and compliance limits before connecting the Series B to a device that can deliver energy for example, other voltage sources, batteries, capacitors, solar cells, or other Series Ksithley instruments.

Contact check measurements Contact check commands The following table summarizes the basic contact check commands.

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Send the commands kfithley need to be included in the script. Working With The Web Interface Instrument programming To setup communication to manuaal remote ethernet device that is not TSP enabled: Connect The Tsp-link System Count list elements on numeric index: Example Outputs the present revision level.


TSP command reference Make sure to save the script in nonvolatile memory after setting the autorun attribute so that the instrument will retain the setting. TSP command reference Example tsplink.

Begin by plugging in the keithley power cord and turning the machine on. TSP command reference Details This function deletes the string that is associated with name from nonvolatile memory. The body of the script is a single string with lines separated by the new line character. TSP command reference Details A new flow control setting takes effect when the command to change it is processed.

Reading this attribute returns the timestamp resolution value. The Name Virtual Instrument dialog box is displayed. The AUTO indicator turns on when source or measure autoranging is selected. F-1 Model emulation The following table summarizes parameters for each of these examples. TSP command reference delay This function delays the manuwl of the commands that follow it.