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Place the palms together and stretch a little higher and slightly back. Straighten the arms only to the degree that the hips can remain in contact with the floor. Holding the breath lower the hips to the floor and with the help of the hands lift the prannam up Bhujangasana. Be sure not to over-extend the lower back. Back, neck and head form a straight line. It expands the lungs and deepens the breath so energy can flow more freely throughout the body.

This posture influences the Muladhara Chakra especially when practiced with Ashvini Mudra.

KHATU PRANAM – For Daily Health & Harmony

The toes are tucked under and hips are raised from the floor. Avoid this sequence of Asanas with very high blood pressure or dizziness. Level 7 Khatu Pranam Close navigation.

The buttocks are slightly raised. The increased blood supply to the head promotes concentration. Deep, diaphragmatic breathing is promoted which ptanam the flow of energy throughout the whole body. Stimulates the function of all internal organs and muscles, as well as the sense organs in the head eyes, ears etc.


Relax the whole body. Strengthens the back, arm and shoulder muscles. Look upward, ensure the spine is evenly arched. Allow the upper body to hang relaxed.

Khatu is the place on the edge of the Thar Desert in the west of Rajasthan, Indiawhere this greatly revered Saint lived for years. Strengthens the whole body. This Asana activates the Manipura Chakra. It relaxes the neck and shoulders, deepens the breath into the back and releases tension in the back. The upper body can relax in this position.

Katu practice in this way hold each position for some time with normal breathing.

KHATU PRANAM – an invigorating sequence

The posture relaxes the pelvic region and is of benefit to the organs of the lower abdomen. Place the left foot beside the right and straighten the knees. Keeping the back and arms straight, bend forward from the hips until the arms and forehead touch the floor Shashankasana.

This posture influences the Vishuddhi Chakra. Stretch the whole body up and slightly back. Because more blood is supplied to the head, there is an improvement in concentration and eyesight.

KHATU PRANAM – For Daily Health & Harmony

For this reason, this Asana is recommended for those with sitting professions. Raise the arms above the head and bring the palms together. Extends the back and stretches the muscles of the hips and pelvic floor.


Keeping the upper body and prana in a straight line, lift up from the hips. Extends the spine and stretches the hip flexors, thus is excellent in preventing a rounded back.

KHATU PRANAM – an invigorating sequence

Khatu is a village in Rajasthan, India. The lungs are expanded and the breath spreads into all areas of the chest, particularly into the sides of the lungs.

The upper body and head are straight and in line. It fortifies the immune prannam, which in turn increases resistance to disease. This exercise, which harmonises body, mind and soul, is the outcome of research and experience extending over many years.

It expands consciousness, harmonises the body, breath and nervous system, and promotes the feeling of calmness.