Intro. Wing Chun Kuen Kuit are “Words of Wisdom” which capture in poetic terms the finer attributes of Wing Chun Kung Fu. “Kuen Kuit” is Cantonese for “Martial. Wing Chun Kuen Kuit (Wing Chun Sayings). GGM Ip Man (Ip Man, 葉問) was the first Chinese martial arts SiFu to teach Wing Chun openly. While we know him. IntroWing Chun Kuen Kuit are “Words of Wisdom” which capture in poetic terms the finer attributes of Wing Chun Kung Fu. “Kuen Kuit” is Cantonese.

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Nar – Throwing force off 9. Do not stop at a single strike, Pressuring the opponent continuously is essential.

What is Kuen Kuit?

Coordinate the hands and feet. Form a pyramid with the center of gravity in the center.

Enemies are fought fiercely and attacks may be initiated in order to gain control. Sink your inner chi. The true skill of Wing Chun is difficult to find, There are many levels.


Once commenced, it cannot be stopped. Staying on the defensive too long will surely get you into trouble. There work has been reused and rehashed more times than anyone kiut care to count.

We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. A weak body must start with strength improvement.

Sam Jin crashs down, stopping the kicking leg During sticky hand practice, the hand which has entered beyond the elbow will win nine times out of ten. No power is obtained when occupied with chi.

To release chi from the Tan Tien, will enable proper release of power. There kuot a counteraction to every attack.

What is Wing-Chun Kuen Kuit?

Do not kick above the waist 5. To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue; these five things are gravity, generosity of soul, sincerity, earnestness and kindness. There is no fear when facing the opponent. People kuih the bow, I walk the string.

The Wooden Man develops use of power. Zhi – straight Kuen yao sum faat – Fist comes from the heart 5. Sheung Kiu Bing Hang – Simultaneous defence and attack Traditional Wing Chun Rules of Conduct.


Strike when you should, Do not strike when you should not Do not be afraid to strike. Persistent attacks will surely gain you entry.

Wing Chun articles containing the tag Kuen Kuit

Timing must be observed. Take the incoming straight thrust with a curve, Encounter the cross hand with a straight thrust forward. Honour your teacher and respect the art, year after year, Honestly and determination will generate ouen Sau gerk seung siu, mo jit jiu – Hands and feet defend accordingly, there are no secret unstoppable maneuvers Go in when the opponent slows down.

Whenever kicking, the heels face each other.