I love Michael LaFosse’s butterfly designs. His earlier publication, Origami Butterflies was self-published, hence more difficult to find, and laid out a brilliant. Like my fanpage me on Facebook to be the first to know what my next video will be! Video instructions/ tutorial teaching how to make a paper butterfly Model. Picture of six different origami butterflies designed by Michael Lafosse, and folded by Sara Adams: The Question Mark, The Origamido Butterfly.

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Taught by Michael LaFosse, you can be sure that the teaching is of the highest quality. Still, these small beauties captured my heart. So I figured I’d give the kozo a go, plus it was so much more convenient that it was already square. Butterfly – Makoto-cho Insects – Butterflies.

A Butterfly for Mr. Butterfly – Diana Wolf Insects – Btuterfly. Butterfly – Temko Insects – Butterflies. More information about text formats. It struck me that – given that every model is presented bufterfly in diagrams and as a full instructional video – this book might also be a great guide to learning how to read diagrams.


This collection has many rarely-seen designs, and several of the models illustrate new lafosze and design achievements made possible by the ingenious “LaFosse Origami Butterfly Folding System. LaFosse For Vanessa Gould.

Gilad’s Origami Page

All are deceptively simple, yet provide a solid foundation for creative flights of fancy in the hands of an experienced folder. LaFosse The Boston Butterfly. A Butterfly for Guy Kawasaki 4. LaFosse and Richard L. LaFosse For Jane Winchell. Butterfly – Doris Asano Insects – Butterflies. Moth – Mudarri Luna Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Lillian Oppenheimer Insects – Butterflies. A Butterfly buterfly June Sakamoto 4.

Origami Tanteidan Magazine read full review. LaFosse For Emiko Kruckner.

This exciting new book with two accompanying DVDs represents the culmination of a lifetime of designing and perfecting the art of origami butterflies. Show only designs with photos. Butterfly – Killian Mansfield Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Sok Song Insects – Butterflies.

The Beauty of Origami by Makoto Yamaguchi. Butterfly – Tony Cheng Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Sharon Friedheim Insects – Butterflies. Ah, I need to write a review on this book, I’m already taken in by it so much!

Various Butterflies (Michael LaFosse) | Happy Folding

Square Also in Tanteidan 15th convention. Folded by Rui Roda. LaFosse For Eric Joisel. Michael LaFosse’s Origami Butterflies presents 26 bbutterfly projects from LaFosse’s extensive butterfly and moth repertoire, including all his personal favorites. I watched the intro by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander – so great to see this extra personal touch – as well the instructional video on “A Butterfly for Eric Joisel”.


Folded by John Farrell. LaFosse For Robert Bbutterfly.

Butterfly – Tony Cheng Insects – Butterflies. LaFosse For Makoto Yamaguchi.

Alexander read full review. Square Also in Creased Magazine 1. Whimsical, exquisite and fragile, butterflies and moths have enchanted and inspired people for centuries. LaFosse For Tony Cheng. Butterfly – Jane Winchell Insects – Butterflies. The book and accompanying two DVDs contain instructions for folding: Butterfly – Reiko Tuttle Insects – Butterflies.

Laofsse – Elsa Chen Insects – Butterflies. Butterfly – Lillian Insects – Butterflies.