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yourcebar This may be true enough; but I cannot help noticing another motivation. Not annoying smart, either — or I’d at least like to think so — but just more thoughtful and interested in abstract ideas and whatnot than you actually might be in normal life. But people are mortal, and love, whether from change of heart or from death, will pass ld.

Never again shall humanity look upon the likes of you, and yet, I find it hard to say good riddance.

I only recommend it to people who have a lot of time to read, like while on a vacation or something, it would be great for that. View all 98 comments.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti

axriano Aug 28, knig rated it really liked it Shelves: For this reason, I recommend it highly to anyone who likes in-depth reading. It seems I have known him all my life, and I wanted to talk to him about his ‘grave Aurelius’, only to remember that both have long passed.

Evidence of the artists’ devotion to a symbol of yojrcenar particular aesthetic? Return to Book Page. Despite their fictional marguefite they give one insight into the life and times of the era the nove Mark Twain said a classic book is ” Would it make you angry, Hadrian, if I stripped your sensibilities, Of all its high flown phrases, its prettied up pretenses toward civilization, And simply termed it white savior complex?


Memoirs of Hadrian told me fascinating stories and I was duly fascinated – but even more, I came to understand a way of looking at the world, at life, at all of its mysteries.

Memoirs of Hadrian by Marguerite Yourcenar

And another amazing book that I never would have opened were it not for Goodreads. Diverso sarebbe se lo portassi a vedere cosa succede nelle aule di Montecitorio. In his long letter to his succesor, both a confessional and a manual for leadership, Hadrian search for immortality leads away from the material things and into spiritual strength. Well worth reading for those interested This nevertheless oddly contrasts with his description of his time in the military: L’incontro con Antinoo illumina la sua vita di una singolare passione, ma Antinoo si uccide e Adriano si sente un sopravvissuto per il quale ogni cosa ha “un volto deforme”.

Over the next decade and a half, she returned to the idea several times, and each time admitted defeat.

Memorie di Adriano; seguite dai Taccuini di appunti by Marguerite Yourcenar (2 star ratings)

This book is the fruit of one of the most ambitious literary projects I have ever seen. Likely, therefore, that a productive interpretation of this text should seek out concordances with ancient Greek concepts. A fascination with mysticism. The language, though, the language is lush. Hadrian discusses his public role and his attempts to use diplomacy more than bloodshed.

Though the book is a life story, it is also tightly-controlled. It is not enough to pinpoint what is wrong to the world and to remark on how history repeats itself. I admitted that it was indeed vain to hope for an eternity for Athens and for Rome which is accorded neither to objects nor men, and which the wisest among us deny even to the gods.


I guess it just requires more attentive reading than I have the energy for right now. I mean a BIG loser.

She would endure to the end of the last city built by man. A crisis appears the dying, feeble ruler is in no hurry to officially name his successor maybe this will insure his demisetoo busy planning and fighting a war in yyourcenar Mesopotamia and dreams of future conquests, for his glorya bloody conflict that cannot be won.

He mentions some of his ameliorating reforms. It is This is a gorgeous book by Marguerite Yourcenar with the emperor writing to future emperor-philosopher Marcus Aurelius about his life and the burdens of leadership. Es maravillosa, culta, refinada, inteligente y para nada memorke.

This utterly pales yourcsnar comparison to the towering works of the genre like “I, Claudius”. The road to hell Is paved in well-intentioned displays of power unrestricted By any ramification, any force demanding reconciliation marguerute the soul, And yet, I find it difficult to picture you on such a path. On Plotina’s wisdom and intelligence he waxes lyrical, while he has nothing good to say about Sabina. This book evokes the idea perfectly. This did not account for the loss of two stars.

Marguuerite greatness of Rome visibly transpires: To ask other readers questions about Memoirs of Hadrianplease sign up.

When there is a long quotation from a missive from Arrian about a voyage around the Black Sea, it is almost astonishing to see another viewpoint expressed at any length. View all 28 comments. I just read your review and I can relate to your reading experience.