Learn more about the White-sided jackrabbit – with amazing White-sided jackrabbit photos and facts on Arkive. Lepus callotis. White-sided Jackrabbit. Order: Lagomorpha Family: Leporidae · Image of Lepus callotis. Click to enlarge this image. (78 kb). Conservation Status: . Species, Lepus callotis Wagler, – white-sided jack rabbit, Liebre torda, White-sided Jackrabbit, Beautiful-eared jack rabbit, Gaillard jack rabbit, snow sides.

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The top, sides, and tip of the tail are black, while the underside is two-thirds white and one-third black. The underside of the neck is dark grayish bluff and the remaining underparts, including the flanks, are white.

The ears are dark bluff, black, and white. Lepud white-sided jackrabbit is only found in North America, where it is distributed from south-western New Mexico in the U.

A large hare of North America, the white-sided jackrabbit Lepus callotis has a short, coarse coat of light lpus fur, with large, conspicuous white patches along the flanks 3. It may NOT be used within Apps.

Its activity may be limited by cloud cover, precipitationand wind, but temperature has little effect. The white-sided jackrabbit Lepus callotisalso known as the Mexican hareis a jackrabbit found in a limited range in North Americafrom southern New Mexico to northwestern and central Mexico.

Analysis of the effects of climate change on plant communities and mammals in Mexico. Playas Valley, W fork, near. Sumatran striped rabbit N. Federal Register74 The winter pelage of Lepus callotis is iron gray on the rump, back, and outside of the hind legs.


B Specific Lepus callotis Information Breeding behaviour similar to that of the Lepus californicus – Lepsu jackrabbit. General Information Rabbits tend to live in burrows or in surface nests which are joined by clear trails, whereas hares prefer to reside in caves or crevices in rocks. Another sound, emitted by males in a pair when approached by an outside intruding male, is a series of harsh grunts until the intruder leaves or is chased away.

Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington88 B Specific Lepus callotis Information Chews and pulls on grass blades close to the gound until the blades break or are pulled out by the roots, then raises its head, crouches and chews the piece of grass slowly, one end sticking out the callotiz of its mouth.

Comments from two anonymous reviewers improved this research note. Surveys of this population between and counted less than five white-sided jackrabbits per year 1 8. VerNet, Pontrelli, Lidicker Jr. There are probably more jackrabbits killed for food in Mexico than any other game mammal 6.

The white-sided jackrabbit inhabits open grasslands on high-altitude, level plains. A conspicuous trait of the white-sided jackrabbit is its tendency to be found in pairs, usually one male and one female. Authentication This information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible. The breeding season of the white-sided jackrabbit is a minimum of 18 weeks, occurring from mid-April to mid-August.

White-sided jackrabbit

During its escape run, the jackrabbit may jump straight up in the air, extend its hind legs and flash its white sides. B Jackrabbits are capable of running for greater distances than true rabbits Sylvilagus sp. B Males often bite and kick the females, often leading to serious injury. The eyes, like those of most nocturnal animals or animals that are active at dusk, are laterally arranged, giving them a complete field of vision degrees.


The ears are covered with short yellowish brown hairs that are mixed with black anteriorly and white posteriorly. Lepus callotis is considered endangered throughout its range in Mexico and southwestern New Mexico. The limbs are white, but their outer surface is stained a buffy color.

Hares are generally larger than rabbits. B The majority of Lepus species live on the surface, but some do dig burrows or use tunnels and holes made by other animals. Journal of Mammalogy35 However, the length of the lower incisors’ roots varies.

Grizmek’s Encyclopedia of Mammals, Volume 4. MearnsMearns and Holzer includes holotype specimen for L.

White-sided jackrabbit videos, photos and facts – Lepus callotis | Arkive

A classification of the white-sided jackrabbits of Mexico. It rarely occupies underground shelters 5. Louisiana State University Press. When startled by or alarmed by a predatorit leaps straight upwards while extending the hind legs and flashing the white sides. X Close Image credit.