The designer and photographer Fernando Pires has completed a photographic series on Sesc Pompéia, one of Lina Bo Bardi’s most. SESC Pompeia is a cultural centre in the east zone of São Paulo, designed by the architect Lina Bo Bardi, and opened in The site is one. El Centro Cultural SESC de Pompéia es una de las más importantes obras de la arquitecta Lina Bo Bardi, con una intensa expresión plástica a.

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Sometimes violent, as in the concrete towers; sometimes delicate, as in the channels of rainwater running along the luna street or in the wooden trellises on the windows. The blindingly obvious truth pompeai surely that both have value, the skill and imagination of architects and the experiences and wishes of the public. The old middle class neighborhood socioeconomic change scores due to the commissioning of buildings of high standing, though its inhabitants still face chaotic and constant flooding of streets, a problem exacerbated by the vertical integration and lack of investment in infrastructures.

The “together” comes from a statement pmopeia hers about the importance of collaboration, and the show is a multiple effort. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. And that can lead to inhibition or traumatised dullness.

The Making of SESC Pompéia by Marcelo Ferraz – Lina Bo Bardi Together Lina Bo Bardi Together

An old disused factory, no longer serving the purpose for which it was designed, is reborn with striking touches. Over the years, vegetation has surrounded it, as she knew it would, such that it has become a pkmpeia and more beautiful place than when first built. The old factory, built from imported and sophisticated technology at the time had to be reinvented.

The functions of the old structure would be redesigned and manufacturing technology project become a modern project focused on popular applications like swimming pools, cafeteria, library, exhibition halls, sports facilities, etc. Please use widgets to set this up. Lina was very quick to tune in to the place: Regular Text Widget This is sample text.

Topics Architecture The Observer. Opting to keep the beautiful barns of the old barrel factory and covering the creek with a wooden deck, building terrain pompeiz are respected and taken to the architect to build in two areas, separated by a trickle. Very few architects realised this better than the Brazilian Lina Bo Bardi, who achieved a rare combination of passion and generosity. Show 25 25 50 All. The original structure was made of reinforced concrete and masonry trusses.


When we started work and set up our office, SESC was already providing cultural and sporting activities there.

SESC Pompeia | Architectuul

In this project Lina Bo Bardi decided to keep most of the complex as it was to preserve the characteristics of the place. No one takes notes, no one rationalises — nor is it necessary to do so — but everyone feels through their five senses the presence of the factory in the architectural solutions. Their coming together is likely to involve some friction, but it’s worth the effort because it is this encounter that makes architecture worth having.

It is open to the effects of time and of chance, as are others of her buildings. The walkways, therefore, were not the result of a bl or arbitrary decision, but were a way in which the project responded intelligently to the realities of the location. The projects are an appropriation, digestion and proposal of a new modern local movement, Brazilian, from the incorporation of the people. The mosaics of the bathrooms refer to buildings and folk arts, a mirror of water with pebbles permeates the floor of the shed factory.

You could call her a modernistas she used plain forms and concrete and glass, but she also embraced the traditional cultures of her adopted country and added mud and ppompeia to her palette. Everything is there to fulfil its role as an element in lija centre for leisure.

You can eat in a popular canteen, and you can sunbathe on a boardwalk called “the beach”. An architectural complex in some ways shocking, combining a red-brick building that had housed a drum factory since the s — well proportioned, in the style of British factories — with three huge and unconventional concrete towers connected by aerial walkways. It was certainly something that seemed beyond the possible universe, unattainable by the hands of contemporary architects.

The SESC is a pom;eia organisation linked to a national business federation, created in the s to provide employees with health services and with sporting and cultural activities. Noemi Blager, the curator of the exhibition, says she “put people in the centre of the project”.

Key to the success of the project was the drawing up of a comprehensive and inclusive programme, and spatial solutions that would provide accessibility bringing the street and public life into the Centreand attract interest from all age groups and social classes, without discrimination. Bo Bardi, who died inwas strong-willed and passionate, as the unforgettable concrete castle shows. Seen this way, a building is not very different from a sandcastle or a mud pie.


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The extension of the functional program that requires vertical integration and distance for two buildable spaces, suggesting no less effective simple solution, but the occupation of the airspace and robust gateways. It was a form of architecture that evaded easy classification.

It is an architectural experience that combines creativity with great rigour, freedom with responsibility, richness with conciseness and an economy of means, poetry with ethics.

The Brazil in which she worked was never rich and was often politically turbulent. We understand the quality of this translation is not excellent and we are working to replace these with high quality human translations. Much of the design of the Plmpeia Pompeia was defined on the ground, as the architect moved his office to the factory during rehabilitation. In the shuttering of the water tower casting burrs, also in mortar lining the interior walls is controlled.

In the concrete walls of the volume that houses the courts of SESC can be read not only marks pompeka formwork tables, but also arrivals nardi interior slabs and drilling scaffolds: The street sloped, enters the cultural and services, program leads the visitor to a reserved area, which mostly houses the pool and sports area.

The moment of architectural perfection, when a building is officially completed, was of little interest to her. Or you can simply sit and watch the passing scene, as you might in a park.

The result is a seamless integration and continuity in activities, providing circulation spaces. This leisure center consists of spaces of the old factory and two volumes five floors with a block of tennis, pool, workshop area, library, living rooms and exhibition, auditorium are distributed, a restaurant and sesv large solarium.

The draft proposes SESC Pompeia poompeia clearance of the sheds, but suggests catalyze activities and revitalize the place. Contact Widget This is sample text.

Lina Bo Bardi – SESC Pompéia

At the invitation of the SESC directors, Lina, already middle-aged, plunged into a journey that would prove to be the most fruitful and prolific of her life. Thus began the discussion about what kind of programme should be implemented. Exhibition Times and Location Contact.