an München schätzen. München ist zudem die sicherste Stadt in Deutschland .. mit an den Standort angepassten Vermietungskonzepten dem Markt sehr .. Industrie-/Logistikimmobilien / Industry/logistics properties. 4, the issue of corporate real estate in Germany for the first time.1 . Logistikimmobilien – Markt und Standorte Deutschland, Österreich, Schweiz. CREDITS. Der Markt für Büro-, Industrie- und Gewerbeflächen in der Region Berlin. (Berlin: JLLS). Jones Lang LaSalle (), Logistikimmobilien-Report Deutschland . “Gewerbesuburbanisierung – Die Tertiärisierung der suburbanen Standort”.

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Such composite sites need own infrastructures that enable efficient internal transportation and value adding processes. In this context, various chemical parks have grown Grap and Milnikel, The products of the companies do not only differ in type but also regarding their requirements for distribution to customers.

This top deutsschland list presents the demand side of the chemical logistics market deutsfhland Germany as a result of a study conducted in with turnover information available for When using data this way, a basic prerequisite is that the retrieved statistics are structured according to these industry classifications.

As the world is developing towards service economies, a service perspective might gain in importance in supply chains that handle goods, just like the chemical industry.

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Belgium is high, and vice versa, the risk for an empty run backwards is low. Special issues might require additional qualitative or quantitative primary research among deutschlaand from the respective industry.

A real-life case, European Journal of Operational Research1pp. Interconnections between the industry and other sectors such as the automotive manufacturing industry, the pharmaceutical or the consumer goods production industry underline this importance. This classification system defines which products are included and which are excluded for every type of goods. Compared to locations outside of dedicated logistics pogistikimmobilien, the construction of such settlements in dedicated logistics parks or commercial areas saves long and challenging approval processes to build up property that will be used for handling chemical goods.


Time and distance profiles for the mentioned trade lanes are displayed in table 1. The findings are based on a combination of primary research and secondary data in the field of logistics service providers, logistics agglomerations and logistics employment. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to figure out if there are any specific characteristics, e.

Business Chemistry | The logistics profile of the German chemical industry

However, pitfalls and shortcomings of such rankings often come to light. In step 1, data is extracted from company databases. Besides building knowledge on where logistics hotspots are located, the deutscnland was created in order to monitor and evaluate the on and structure of German logistics real estates.

Prior to this kind of primary data gathering, information on logistics hotspots in Germany was only available from market reports of various real estate brokers. A recent research project Schwemmer et al.

In order to assess logistics employment entirely, Fraunhofer SCS developed an approach that allows considering the logistics relevance based on single job descriptions that are cataloged in the German employment statistics from the Federal Employment Agency.

Basic studies of Fraunhofer are addressing logistics market sizes, market segments, logistic service providers LSPslogistics employment, logistics locations, trade interconnections and future trends. There might be a need to align logistics systems, supply chains and networks logistikimmonilien to this service economy development in the near future. Basell is ranked third.

Due to restrictions for the settlement of new logistics properties and the given synergy effects, chemical parks will gain in importance in Germany.

The basic motivation is to improve circumstances for complex decision situations that occur on a daily basis in standdorte interconnected firms, their supply chains and, following Cooper et al.


Especially, surveys among experts and practitioners are logixtikimmobilien for knowledge building. Each of these sections 3 to 5 presents methods as well as results. Besides that, synergies dfutschland be leveraged there more easily.

Chemielogistik im Kontext allgemeiner logistischer Anforderungen, in: A market is a physical or virtual space that connects supply and demand for products or services.

Usually, a company description is also available to characterize companies. The chemical industry is marked by fluid and bulky goods that are transported inbound to the manufacturers sites.

Logistics properties which are solely used for the chemical industry are even more concentrated than the logistics employees figure 4who are often located in production plants or in case of wholesale in sales areas.

As they do not do business for an altruistic reason, the items of interest why suppliers and demanders work together also need to be taken into account, i. Nevertheless, these pieces of information are insufficient to obtain a valid list of top firms in an industry without considering further information.

Employees that perform logistics tasks at manufacturers and trade companies are not taken into account.

The challenges chemical logistics workers have to deal with are the heterogeneity of the handled products as well as the special instructions and safety requirements on hazardous materials. Whereas the outsourcing degree of distribution processes within the chemical industry in Germany is already comparatively high, outsourcing in the field of highly complex and integrated logistics offers potential for future growth.

As Germany is a large economy, the top 10 chemical companies reach turn-over figures that are well above the mark of EUR 1 bn per year.