I looked in my bag and saw that I have been dragging the book SAD by Looch around for the last couple of months and have not yet read it. Looch is one of a small minority of mentalists who specialize in close up walk around mentalism. Having enjoyed his book and DVD set I was. From the mind of one of Mentalism’s rising stars comes an important book of practical, simple and direct mentalism. Why should you be interested in this book ?.

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Did this review help you? This is an excellent set of lecture notes, a must have. If Osterlind comes out with a book I expect a lot, if a new young kid comes out with a book, I just hope he can spell well. Marked Cards reviews.

Marked Cards reviews. To endlessly trace the roots for every move or concept in each new work would be impractical, un-readable, and in my view, not necessary. View our Frequent Questions.

Magic Tricks

Two, I felt that the effects and methods were well laid out. That being the case I don’t believe the young’n is entirely at fault when it comes to certain issues; his “sponsor” has been around far long enough to know what’s what and should have made the corrections ,ooch question before releasing the project. Until a sort while ago this e-book was only released to a small minority having been developed to support his lecture in Hamburg hence the title.

D Simple and Direct approach to mentalism and offers the reader a wide variety of insights into tried and tested methods for the close up mentalist.

I for one will not support thieves. Recently, while relaxing in the hotel room I found that the TV remote did not work. He wrote some very interesting scripts. Subscriptions Top Inventors 1.


The Magic Cafe Forums – Another look at Looch and SAD

Too, as you have pointed oooch, the “Review” thing does become a bit of a mutual admiration society sort of game And the one thing he got excited about, that he thought was completely original with me, I later found out was an Anneman idea. They don’t sell out, they are true scholars, and they have intellectual integrity and honesty when lpoch credit to others who made prior breakthroughs in our fields.

We’re proud to let you read our mail.

Looch is a clever and inventive young mind in Mentalism. It’s very much an interesting idea but how to impliment it Because it features powerful, entertaining close-up mentalism that has been sharpened to a razor’s edge by constant use in the real world.

Simple and Direct Mentalism is something everyone needs to take a look at. Many other tips follow, the most interesting being IMO an analysis about how to create logically ordered routines a thing too often forgotten also by accomplished pros. Then there is the published record that is not necessarily accurate as to who did what, when.

We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. I know that this was one reason behind the creation of the Castle’s library; to preserve things for posterity as it were.

A Board could clarify this, and set history straight for future magical inventors. Particularly with the young’uns today, they do not bother to study and learn the history of magic, let alone all avenues of magic.

To answer your question, Jonathan Loocn is only recently that I have come up with original methods, as confirmed by Max Maven. Some years back a sax famous person hired a friend of mine, then teaching at USC, to review of manuscript hed written on philosophy and religion.

You have to keep a perspective when you read or review books.

Simple And Direct (SAD) Mentalism by Looch – Book

I would say that the single routine of Superman sav the book worth it for me. The purpose would be more to give proper credit where it was due, rather than to punish the newcomer for his unintentional stepping on an originator’s toes. Looch is a nice and unassuming person, and in his books he shares with a great degree of simplicity what he thinks and what he does with his audiences. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. A great deal most of magic and mentalism is derivative.


No one was asked and no permission was given. I cant believe this is an isolated incident. I picked this up last year, about 6 months after I’d started performing walk around mentalism. Hubris often wins over common sense.

Take a look at our Return Policy. Where It Has To. Simple, Direct and Brilliant! When you include reference to someone else’s work, the usual etiquette is to request permission from the originator to include the said work within their own when it goes to print or in the new genre, to DVD.

I have always thought that the further one had to reach szd find an example to support a point, the weaker the argument. Little Door by R. If you have ever tried to write out an effect you will find that this loocg not as easy as it sounds. Now as a result when I perform I only take what I need and will use and while this also provides the obvious extra pocket space, I also feel it helps my performances go much smoother.

But I liked his thinking.