Lundell generator (alternator). Increasing comfort and safety in cars, trucks, and buses driven by combustion engines require more installed. PDF | Due to the increasing power demands in automotive applications, the conventional power generator (Lundell alternator) is rapidly reaching its limits. Abstract—Thermal analysis of Lundell alternators used in automobiles is presented. An analytical thermal model for Lun- dell alternators is proposed, and .

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The structure of fig. The closer core spacing from the rotor improves magnetic efficiency.

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The first Model Ts used the magneto solely for the trembler coil ignition. Hello Edvard, Your article is very interesting.

This is machine translation Translated by. A position encoder is also available. As an alternative to alternahor cooling, it is possible to cool the alternator more efficiently with a circulation of the engine coolant in the alternator housing.

Power Electronic Solutions to Improve the Performance of Lundell Automotive Alternators

It has twice less active switches and all of them are referenced to the ground. Semiconductor parts count and normalized current ratings for each topology. A parallel circuit supplies the “charge” warning indicator and is earthed via the regulator which is why the indicator is lunde,l when the ignition is on but the engine is not running.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Equation 3 shows the new electrical parameters of a m-winding alterjator in the same stator.

Stator winding resistance, Rs — Resistance scalar. The Reduced Lundell Alternator block implements equations for the electrical, control, and mechanical systems that use these variables. When comparing the output current ripple with the one obtained with the non-interleaved converter presented in fig. The resulting filtering requirements alternwtor EMC standards compliance can easily lead to bulky and expensive solutions. The number of turns in the stator winding has a significant effect on the output performances of an alternator connected to a Conventional Diode Rectifier CDR and a battery.

Reduced Lundell Alternator Reduced Lundell claw-pole alternator with an external voltage regulator expand all in page.

One can also use a multi-winding stator with different number of turns to adapt the output characteristics output current and efficiency with a single voltage output. Generally, Lundell alternators are characterized by low efficiency due to important mechanical, copper, and magnetic losses. The alternator is coupled to the combustion motor through a belt.

In order to lunvell the magnetic coupling, the first 3-phase winding is wound using half stator 18 slots and the second 3-phase winding using the other half.

Alternator (automotive) – Wikipedia

It is a wave-winding in most cases. The same experimental set-up will allow the comparison of various converter topologies and winding configurations for alternators.

I need answers to questions such as: Larger vehicles may have salient pole alternators similar to larger machines.


Typical passenger vehicle and light truck alternators use Lundell or ‘claw-pole’ field construction. I have dug through the web but found only scraps. Cooling of the alternator An efficient cooling method is necessary to limit the temperature in the motor beyond the permissible limits a junction temperature of C for the diodes and the stator winding.

The analytical method based on the reluctance network is fast due to its simplifying assumptions. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Efficiency of automotive alternators is limited by fan cooling loss, bearing loss, iron loss, copper loss, and the voltage drop in the diode bridges. This was encouraged by the increasing electrical power required for cars in this period, with increasing loads from larger headlamps, electric wipers, heated rear windows and other accessories. Double-winding alternator with interleaved BSBR. A synchronous rectifier is an interesting alternative to conventional diode rectifiers.

The mechanical losses increase considerably at higher speeds Bosch, The accuracy of such a model highly depends on the parameters identification or computation method. The owner would have to install the battery himself and charge it externally.