Book review on Maa by Anisul Hoque. book2. published:January The book is based on the war of Bangladesh,in It is based on true. Maa By Anisul Haque Bangla Pdf Free Download. Book Name:Maa Writter:Anisul Haque Catagory:Bangla Uponnash To Download:Just Click. File: Maa-Anisul – Size: Mb – Uploaded on: 26th of June – Total Downloads: Ads.

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Maa (novel) – Wikipedia

The story begins when Azad’s mother Shafia, being angry with her husband’s cheating on her, leaves her wealthy husband’s affluent home with a small child, Azad. It is one of very few books which tells the story on the first page, but makes one still want to read the rest of the book non-stop to experience the journey.

Shafia Begums doubt turned into truth,Azads father married second time. Retrieved from ” https: Maa by Anisul Haque is popular novel. This is the story in a nutshell but the vast plot of the book describes the true ordeal of the nine-month war in an unforgettable touch that reminds one of Rabindranath Tagore’s words from Gitanjali, “When I go from hence, let this be my parting word, that what I have seen is unsurpassable.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. There is much danger and uncertainty but nothing diverts the mother from her focus.

Azad, knowing how tormented his mother was, always wanted to write about her. Bhalobasha, Ami Tomar Jonno Kandchi. Anisul Hoque mwa popularly known to everyone for his positive thinking and awe-inspiring writings. Good Maa maa maa,sobar preo sobdo. The Indian Express noted the release of the book, describing it as: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Book review on Maa by Anisul Hoque

His natural flair in telling a story did need a few threads of fiction here and there but the book essentially retains the purity of facts about people, places and the period. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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Azader maaer rin shoudh na haqus ei bangalir mara jaowa thik na. By using below links you can able to download the pdf file or read it online by pdf viewer. HistoricalWar novel. Are you looking to find a Martial Arts School around you?

Maa by Anisul Haque

Nonetheless Shafia does not lose hope and carries on searching for him, as the dead body is never found. He tells his gy that the military will release him if he reveals the names of the others who are in control of guerrilla groups.

She is determined never to return and raises Azad on her own, all the while struggling with the humiliation of having been cheated on and with not enough means for subsistence living. In addition to being a highly acclaimed title in the original language, the English translation of MaaFreedom’s Motherwas the debut novel brought out by Mwa Publishing.

Thanks for reading Maa by Anisul Haque book review. Home Books Maa by Anisul Haque. That is because these are very cohesive in the very places of the novel that they were totally anisjl putting in. Review Page 1 Review Page 2 By: This is a mother as strong as the now sovereign country of ours.

Its a great book, a novel, history, doc-fiction a masterpiece —Maa by Anisul Hoque haqud a work that will take the reader into the past and will get anixul feeling of patriotism in the heart.

Finally she meets her son behind bars at the prison cell. Gradually her almost-fulfilled dream begins fading out. The story begins with Shafia leaving her wealthy husband’s affluent home with a small child, Azad, without any of his resources, due to resentment against him for cheating on her.

To write Maa he dug very deep and has presented a well-researched piece that appears to be history based on facts used in the book.


The writer uses many songs and poems in the book in full and it never feels that just a one or two-line mention would be sufficient.

Maa by Anisul Haque – Pdf Bangla Book Download

Masterpiece Based on a real story in A haqye once asked me about the liberation war and the emergence of Bangladesh, and I gave him Maa. The story is about one of our freedom fighter Azad and his mother. He tells her he has not eaten rice for days. When the happiness knocked on the door,the independence war commences and Azad got involved in it.

So stay with us for reading new books. His mother gives his friends shelter, cooks for them and, most important, blesses them in their struggle. Azads mother immediately left her home with his only son,that time Azad was only a kid. This book is very nice.

Yunus was engaged with another woman. The next day Maa takes rice for her beloved son but the soldiers have by then moved him to a location no one knows of. She would not bend before the fear of losing a precious possession for the greater good, for upholding the rights of citizens, for the liberty of Bangladesh. For Canada, see dojos.

The description flows from the writer’s own feelings and perceptions, so wonderfully portrayed that they overwhelm readers. Seshe aniaul mrittu khub e kharap lagche. He told his mother that the military will release him if he reveals the names of the others who are in control of guerrilla groups. Masterpiece ekta matro boi amar jibone jeta porey ami ekta shoptah kedechhi.