His house was raided by BATF. After his arrest, Maadi-Griffin lost all ability to sell firearms, but continued to operate for a while, selling plan books and sabots. Maadigriffin Cal Rifle Plans. Last Updated on Thu, 11 Oct | Maadi Griffin 50 Cal. Maadi Cal Kit. Written, Published and Totally Owned by JNS Supply. Last Updated on Mon, 17 Jun | Maadi Griffin 50 Cal. Material carbon steel 3 /4″ square tubing, 5 7/8″ long Three slots on each side” wide, 1 ” long.

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I ben pkice the holt cap on top of the end oft he lli’ina pm. Center plate is 1 S5″ thickness Distance between center plate and back plate. Now, insert the trigger bar into the handle frame, be sur: With a little force, insert the spring tails and the head of the sear into the back of the bar.

Afterward, grind down the weld cosmetically and polish smooth. Dont forget too that youll need a few extra tools for other jobs around the house. Then lack weld three places where tie front edge of the shroud and the forward shroud ring meet. Now, lift the bolt handle and remove the 50 cal unfired round. Re sjre lo align the receiver with the shroud briffin this manner The flat of the tear end of the receiver must be horizontal and the base tube and the lock lug must align vertically as shown Only when this is in perfect alignment, and the receiver is snug to the handle frame colla- and the shroud is snug with the front end of the receiver, then lig-weld a tack here.

Some have even had their triggers gold plated. The front of the downward portion of the handle slot is ” from the front of the collar. With headspace gages, and without headspace gages, Without headspace gages: Put it into the lathe, screw maadi the brake, drill the. Get My Free Ebook. It must be understood that any construction or attempted construction of any item listed in this book is totally at your own risk.


Center the scope mcwnt base friffin on the mount base tube and tack weld use a tig-welda the front end to the base lube. It is very important that you have a clear understanding of every part and its relationship to the rest before any work begins. First, drill a ” hole through the entire casting Then drill a.

mawdi This is a special cast A-3S6 Aircraft abminura handle I: Reset the sear griffi the link by raising the sear up and moving the link back to contact the sear. Retrieved from ” http: This firearm is maai and can cause loss of Ufc.

Due to the fact that Maadi-Griffin Co. Align and tack weld It is advisable to make a one inch dia. Place the barrel assembly forward lock lug in a vke, and remove he bolt. This collar is made from 2″ OD pipe ” wall thickness 2 “long Cut out a. That will become the pin when trimmed off.

Back off the planss ring ail the way forward on the barrel. Post a comment Name Unscrew the barrel, remove the bolt, keep the round in the boltface. When the link is near the hole, use the hanger wire tool to hold the link you install the trigger shown while The spacer spnng for the bnk goes in like this Use the hanger wire tools to align and pin the spacer and the link together. A scope that has been sighted in on anotha- rifle 4.

Dont forget too that youll need a few extra tools for other jobs around the house. Unlike other models, the MG-6 is a semi-automatic variation with a detachable box magazine.



There are a lot of things that either needs to be repaired, or put together when vriffin a homeowner. From remolding jobs to putting together furniture you can use these 5 power tools to get your stuff together.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. You can modify the rifle, but please write to us and explain what you have in mind, so we can help prevent potential probians that could arise. Use emery doth to sand off and smooth the pin rod uitil free movement occu. With the receiver in the vice, pul locktite on the threads of the banel tmly, not too mudt. M89 began production inM92 was a carbine version of the M89 made inwith a shorter barrel and no bipods.

Maadi-Griffin 50 Cal. Rifle Plans

The center baffle should be. It is exactly 90 maavi tiolch The center of the deep notch lines up exactly with the ccetci rm. Back off the locking ring all the way forward on the barrel. Then put the bolt, with the round in the receiver and lock the handle down.

Base Tube – Maadi Griffin 50 Cal Rifle Plans

Not the cheap imported yellow tipped ones, do not use those. If future barrel replacement is necessary, the shroud will hive to be cut away This method is necessary to provide the super strength and reliability designed into this rifle.

The large trigger guard and the bipod forms a three-point tripod, improving stability. Checking the bold handle through out, tighten the ring with about a 50 pound force Wipe off the excess locktite. Two useful tools are: The Maadi-Griffin Rifle was first developed in as a long distance 50 caliber competition match piece.