Mahavastu-avādana, vol.I: word index and reverse word index. Tokyo ( Philologica Asiatica, Monograph Series 20) The Chuo Academic Research Institute. Mahavastu Avadana, Vol 2: [Sanskrit Language] (Calcutta Sanskrit College Research Series No., XXX, [30]) [Radhagovinda (Ed.) Basak] on Le Mahāvastu, Sanskrit text, was published for the first time with introduction by contents of the Mahāvastu is related as an “Avadāna” or a miraculous history.

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Senart with a detailed conspectus of contents in the Introduction, Paris Barth in Revue de l’Histoire des Religions.

The Mahavastu-avadana : in old palm-leaf and paper manuscripts in SearchWorks catalog

A conspectus of the contents is also given by Rajendralal Manavastu in his Nepalese Buddhist Literaturepp. The book gives itself the title of: This is the only thing positive which we can ascertain regarding the rise of Buddhist sects from the contradictory and confused accounts.


Compare Kern Manual of Buddhismp.

The second section in V. The third section V. We find no order.

Sometimes an attempt is made to put together in a loose fashion the various component parts of the vaadana. But in several passages the same episodes recur with a trifling difference. Thus the legend of the Buddha’s birth is recounted no less than four times Windisch, Buddha’s Birthp.

Again language is also not uniform. The more disparate mahavaastu is from Sanskrit, the more ancient it appears Oldenberg Zeitschift der Deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft 52, There are poems, moreover, on the birth of the Buddha and vestiges of ancient Buddhistic ballads which we so often come across.


The story of Amara, the smith’s daughter, V. Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Gottingenp.

In these are especially glorified again and again the extraordinary propensity to self-sacrifice and generosity on part of avaddana Bodhisattva. Thus as King Arka, for example, the Bodhisattva bestows upon the Buddha of the age 80, grottoes or cave temples fashioned out of the seven kinds of precious stones 1, On another occasion he surrenders his wife and child only [in order] to learn a wise maxim 1, 91 f.


The latter however with his usual compassionateness makes one Buddha to appear under each umbrella by virtue of his supernatural powers so that each god believes that the Buddha is seated under his own umbrella.

When for example, in the scene of the flower miracle, the lotus flowers in the form of a circle fall round the halo of the Buddha, it may be noted that the halo was first introduced into India by Greek artists see A Foucher Journale Asiatiquep.