REFERENCE: Abdullah Mahir İz / Yılların İzi – Tasavvuf (), Mahir İz Özel Sayısı, (Tohum dergisi, sayı: 85, Mart ), Uğur Derman / Mahir Hocadan İzler . Additional Physical Format: Online version: İz, Mahir. Tasavvuf. İstanbul, Rahle Yayınevi [] (OCoLC) Document Type: Book. All Authors. OCLC Number: Description: pages ; 20 cm. Series Title: Kitabevi yayınları, 2. Responsibility: Mâhir İz ; neşre hazırlayan M. Ertuğrul Düzdağ.

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X Close with photo without photo Print. He always kept working in the secular state’s educational institutions, mostly as a teacher.

Next in Portrait Born in the 19th century, Adile Sultan was known for her generosity, We were taking private lessons from him. He accepted our offer tasavvkf once and told us to fetch our notebooks, which we had prepared already.

Then he made us write the “bismillah” Arabic for “in the name of God” and the first stanza of the Independence March, our national anthem.

Mahir İz: Islamist witness of secularization

We visited him with a small crowd of students, 10 or a few more I think, kissed his hand and told him our intention to receive Ottoman lessons from him. This was his political action, too, teaching religious values tasavuvf students within the boundaries of a secular syllabus.


We were then students at the imam-hatip of Istanbul. So, he followed lectures at various departments including chemistry, law and literature, although he graduated from none of them. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

He was 43 years old when he graduated from the Literature Department of Istanbul University. He also loved learning.

Tasavvuf: mahiyeti, büyükleri ve tarikatler – Mahir İz – Google Books

However, he continued his higher education. The bismillah indicates the daily religious praxis since it’s the opening for prayers and sermons, while the Independence March, written by Mehmet Akif, one of the most prolific Islamists of the Constitutional period and the Independence War years, hints the political vision of Islamism through the Republican atmosphere.

After the War of Independence exploded and the Grand National Assembly gathered in Ankara, he worked as a clerk for Parliament together with other teachers from the school. It is in opposition to the tradition of our prophet Muhammad to leave the people and society and think of only one’s self. His studies about the history of Sufism have been collected in a separate volume, too, called “Tasavvuf” Sufismprinted four times from until He graduated from the Ankara Sultani, which was an Ottoman school ranking high school.


Because of that, the people are leaving the idea of society and their social duties.

After a while, he began teaching Islamic literature, the history of Sufism and rhetoric at the Islam Institute, Faculty of Theology. Mufti of people and djinns Hassan al-Sabbah and the assassins: The school syllabus in those days did not help teach those values. He was the principal of a secondary school in Istanbul.

The couple had a daughter. He worked for more than half a century as a teacher at various schools and colleges.

His work in the Grand National Assembly is significant because he witnessed war and politics there.