The AF is a medium format SLR camera made in Japan by Mamiya, the company’s first auto-focus camera. It was released in Japan in. Mamiya AFd III combines 35mm handling ease and speed with the advantages of 3x larger image size. The AFd III is part of Mamiya’s SLR systems. Your Mamiya AFDIII is designed for heavy professional use and will give you a long Congratulations on your purchase of the Mamiya AFD III. Camera.

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Overall I love this rig and consider it one of the best purchases I’ve made. I owned and used a Pentax 6 x 7 and a Bronica Automatic transport via built-in motor, single or continuous exposures. Coupled with a msmiya clean 80mm lens, I started shooting like a madman. And the Glass is Clean and Clear with no rubs, hazing, fungus or scratches.

Finally, Mamiya has designed “Quick Action” buttons which allow you to rapidly access certain functions such as multiple exposure, bracketing, auto exposure lock and auto focus lock. Bayonet Mamiyya AF Mount; M Mount can be used with strict limitations manual focus confirmation, stopped-down metering.

This is an excellent article which includes insight into one of the many photography cameras and tools available.

On macro shots, I recommend using a sturdy tripod or studio stand, and mirror-up mode for maximum clarity. He also shoots landscape work in his spare time.

Mamiya Afd: Cameras & Photo | eBay

There is a very accurate focusing indicator in the viewfinder. The lenses I am currently using 80mm and mm help me 654afd achieve my vision and are reassuringly sharp and well built. PC terminal, hot shoe. Rated 5 out of 5 by Jeff from A great step up from 35 mm. In mxmiya, one can set up the parameters of the shot, from color space to pre-sharpening to pre-set camera profiles — all with a tap of the included stylus.


Half-press on shutter release and AF Lock Button. Mamiya’s literature mentions a new, quieter focusing motor and a new ‘focusing algorithm’. Every component of this bundle Personal tools Log in. Mr Hogwallop Hans Rosemond – January 24, If you are getting a Pentax 67 get the most recent one s you can afford. There is an AE lock button ‘AEL’ by the rear wheel control, allowing the user to reframe the scene after metering, in any of the AE modes.

Mamiya 645 AFD III – SLR camera – medium

mamiy Fixed prism finder magnification 0. I hope to pick one up again someday. There are very small dust inside the lens. In the next image, basic features are marked by the numbers.

Controls on the front of the camera include depth of field preview, and a focus mode selector single, continuous, manual. I used the camera in studio to capture some macro shots of an orchid.

Mamiya AFD III – SLR camera – medium Overview – CNET

The Epson v does great with negs. May vary by region. Skip to main content. There is No fung Lenses up to mm are available for sports good luck with the autofocus and portrait work.

Honestly, though, I’ve been looking at the Pentax 67 as the RB is stupidly awkward to handhold. The back automatically advances the film to frame 1 provided the paper leader is attached to the take-up spool. Fixed prism finder magnification 0. Automatic advance to first frame is achieved when shutter release button is pressed once. However, the camera is not built in the modular way that those cameras were; the power film winder is built-in, as is the AE prism viewfinder; a waist-level finder cannot be used although there is a right-angle eyepiece attachment.

I realize it won’t be as good as the Fuji, but man, the price difference, and to actually own it could be amazing. I send a product by EMS. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Matte StandardChecker Grid and manual focus microprism for M lenses. I learned that film was a little more difficult to work with that I had originally imagined and the camera got shelved for a while. The Mamiya AFD and its siblings are workhorses of cameras.


The focus mode switch, which sets the behaviour of the auto-focus function, is on the front of the body, on the bottom left i. Gadgets by Gordon Gottsegen Nov 19, Data Imprinting 7 segment, dot matrix method, DATA mode; exposure mode, aperture value, shutter speed value, exposure compensation, metering mode, ID number.

Film Back Frame Size. About Mamiya afd Shop the extensive inventory of film and photography gear and Mamiya film cameras!

You are commenting using your WordPress. TTL program flash, aperture-priority, automatic, bulb, manual, shutter-priority, time exposure. In-studio it is, in a word, stunning.

The camera uses a through-the-lens phase-difference detection auto-focus method. In addition to the automatic retraction of the shutter blinds, the camera has the same common-sense interlocks as the Super to prevent accidental exposure of film:. However, the back for the AF has an LCD and ‘up’ and ‘down’ buttons to set and display the film type and speed between ISO 25 andand requires its own battery CR to support this while the back is detached from the camera.

But my options in 6×7 are limited. This is a great article. For digital shooters, the rendering of film is pretty wild.